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03 July 2003


Iím really fed up with mono-cultural elearning; itís just not natural. Why develop a global network that puts people from infinitely diverse cultures in contact with each other, then ignore their differences? And Iím fed up with people asking me ďwhatís the rationale behind you arguing for cultural adaptation of elearning content?Ē.


Turn it round. Ask yourself about any important areas of our lives that we donít adapt to our cultures.


I suppose one reason for elearningís myopic mono-culturalism is because education systems have been one of the ways through which weíve preserved our distinctive cultures; our separateness. We donít know how to adapt the ways we help people to learn, because how we learn is so deeply embedded that itís invisible to us.


Currently, there are four broad misunderstandings around the cultural adaptation of elearning. Iíve called them The Four Great Myths:

  • Cultural adaptation is all Tips 'n Tricks
  • Cultural adaptation will break the bank
  • Cultural adaptation is an issue for the distant future
  • Cultural adaptation is another hurdle to jump

The full article I wrote about this is here (on the UKís Training Foundation site).


Thanks to Elearning Age magazine (UK) for publishing this in the first place, by the way.

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