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31 July 2003

I just came across this: How Long Does it Take? Estimation Methods for Developing E-Learning. It seems strange that there's so little reference to re-use, and I'm not talking about "pure" learning objects. The base assumption here appears to be that every elearning project starts from the bottom up. There's no consideration of re-usable learning strategies, objectives, pedagogical patterns (see here) and so on.

We need to get less absolute about learning objects and think more about concepts of re-use as processes.

Actually, that feels like a cultural issue: according to Hofstede's model, north americans and some north western europeans are short-term thinkers; according to Trompenaars, they're very "specific" (they think in separable chunks) and according to Hall they're "low context". Other cultures probably think of re-use very differently: re-use of concepts, of organic processes; more like elaborating on a jazz standard than assembling lego blocks.


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