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  Sunday, 22 January 2006

Day two of the Nelson Summer Kite Festival had more steady northerlies. Perfect conditions (as always) for the two days of the festival. I showed up at Neale park in the early afternoon and it was all happening. Lots of huge kites shadowing the park, buggies and boards zipping around below them. I spent the next couple of hours thrashing both of my buggies using my 3.0m Flexifoil Blade II for power. By the time I stopped, because of thirst, many of the bigger kites were already being packed away. I got a few photos around the park anyway... here's a taste.

Ted has 'Hootie' the blowfish (pictured top) by the tail in an order to defalte him. I just had to snap this shot before giving him a hand.

Ted being the announcer guy while sitting in a bright orange KiteCat.

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