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  Thursday, 15 February 2007

Custom xtracycle snapdeck 4

I have just finshed making a custom snapdeck for my Xtracycle. Its made from recycled marine plywood which I got by cutting up an old tobbogan that has been under the house for decades. The colour of the wood is natural. I have just added about 10 coats of marine grade polyurethane, and topped it off with some grip-tape from the skateboard shop. It's much longer than the original snapdeck which makes the bike seem even longer. I have attached it with six cable-ties. I did it that way because I want it to double as a sandboard for sliding down big sand dunes, and this means the bottom must be smooth with no protrusions. The clips on the bottom of the original snapdeck would prevent that use. This way is just have a stash of cable-ties in my saddlebag and whenever I want to use it as a sandboard I can just snip the cable-ties and go for it. When I'm done it only takes a minute to re-attach.

Custom xtracycle snapdeck 3

Custom xtracycle snapdeck 2

Custom xtracycle snapdeck 1

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