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Monday, August 30, 2004

Is My Blog Burning?
Eighth Edition -- Lift your Spirits High!

If the bottle is open and the food is on the table, it’s a good match! Or, so it has been said. Personally, I say: If the bottle is open, why not cook with it?

What started as a simple proposal by Alberto in January, has grown to a world wide cooking event. Seven editions strong, we have a veritable world-wide cookbook of soups, tartines, cakes, bowls of ricefish, grill and barbecue fare, and dumplings. This go round our bowls, plates, platters, and glasses get a whole new kind of lovin’ feeling…

The only rule for IMBB #8: use wine or spirits as a central component of your recipe! (and I dare say I’m a bit fearful that we may actually give the burning part of this event a whole new meaning!)

I’m already salivating thinking of the possibilities… the courses of wine loving food and the wines that match, the recipes that use spirits to add depth to sauces, complexity to reductions and that oh so deliciousness that turns a batter into something extraordinary. Of course, there are your basic ingredients – like pure vanilla extract made by soaking vanilla beans in vodka, or spiced rum… Perhaps we’ll be delighted with a marinade of wine or bourbon, or a round of cocktails combining spirits and fruits, purees, shaving and blends. How could we not be just a wee bit happier after this edition? So c’mon, join me in this blog burning event and lift the global mood by raising your spirits!

The details:

IMBB 8Raise Your Spirits High goes off on Sunday, September 19, 2004.

Use wine or spirits as a central component of your entry.
Safety note: Please remember that spirits, in particular, are extremely flammable and ignite when near a heat source. Exercise care and keep a fire extinguisher close by. Remember that friends do not let friends drive drunk, and all things in moderation is not a bad approach to life.

You don’t have to actually cook on September 19th, but that is the day everyone should post. (But, let’s face it. Wine and spirits are involved, so we may have to be a bit patient for the final round up!!)

IMBB #8 is open to everyone – food bloggers and nonfood-bloggers, alike. And, if you don’t have a blog, please! Participate! Send me your entry and I’ll make sure it is posted.

After you’ve posted , send me an email at dinhburg@cs.com with a link to your blog entry. Again, for those who do not have a blog, send me your entry anyway, and I’ll post it for you. Then, check back at "There’s a Chef in My Kitchen" to see the complete world wide roundup, and just how high we have actually lifted our global mood…

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