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Sunday, October 30, 2005

If vaccines are so safe why do manufacturer's need immunity from vaccine injury lawsuits?

Measure Eases Vaccine Rules - Would Shield Manufacturers
Congress is considering a bill that would allow the government to order that
vaccines be given to every U.S. citizen in a national emergency, even if a
vaccine has previously harmed some people.

The bill would also make it almost impossible for anyone harmed by these
substances to sue the manufacturer or drug researchers.,0,790055.story?c

Supporters say protecting producers from potential liability would bring
more drug makers to the table. Opponents warn the proposal would render
everyone little more than a "guinea pig" for the drug industry.

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Cancer Patients Hide Their Use Of Complementary And Alternative
Treatments From Their Doctors
 Although almost half (48 percent) of cancer patients
treated with chemotherapy and radiation are using at
least one type of complementary and alternative medical
therapy (CAM) treatment, a majority of them (75 percent)
don't tell their
doctor, even while receiving conventional
cancer treatment, according to a study presented
October 16, 2005, at the American Society for Therapeutic
Radiology and Oncology's 47th Annual Meeting in Denver.

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Urgent Information re: JAMA Oct 26, 2005 article: 'Provision or Distribution of Growth Hormone for "Anti-Aging": Clinical and Legal Issues'.

This week, JAMA published an article on the legality of growth hormone treatment by physicians for growth hormone deficient patients. This paper is replete with inaccurate and biased statements and basic scientific errors in an apparent attempt to damage the Anti-Aging medical profession and the physicians practicing good evidenced based healthcare. The authors picked biased studies to bolster their disinformation campaign, and even went so far as to intermingle internet sales of homeopathic pseudo GH sprays, amino acids, and sports nutritionals, in order to inflate their misleading claims for an illegal diversion of GH by physicians and pharmacies, implying a black market in GH for hormone replacement treatments by anti-aging physicians where none exists.
For more information please visit the website

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