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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, October 26, 2005


(OMNS) High dose vitamin C is a remarkably safe and effective treatment for
viral infections.  In high doses, vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, helps kill
viruses, and strengthens the bodyò?Ts immune system. Taking supplemental
vitamin C routinely helps prevent viral infections.

The Avian Flu (or Bird Flu), so often mentioned by newspapers, magazines
and other news sources, is a particularly severe form of influenza. It
should probably be called Poultry Flu, since almost all of the 150 or so
human infections have come from domestic poultry.  Interestingly,
the symptoms of avian flu include hemorrhages under the skin, and
bleeding from the nose and gums.  These are also classical symptoms of
clinical scurvy, which means a critical vitamin C deficiency is present.

This means that vitamin C (ascorbate) is needed to treat it. Severe cases
may require 200,000 to 300,000 milligrams of vitamin C or more, given
intravenously (IV) by a physician. This very high dosing may be needed
since the Avian Flu appears to consume vitamin C very rapidly, similar to
an acute viral hemorrhagic fever, somewhat like an Ebola infection.

What should you do if you think you have a viral infection - any viral
infection - coming on and IV vitamin C is not readily available? Nobel
laureate Linus Pauling said that as soon as you feel the symptoms of
sniffles, a cold or the flu, take oral doses of thousands of milligrams
of vitamin C.

For best results, take vitamin C in evenly divided doses during the
waking hours.  Continue taking vitamin C on this schedule until,
Pauling says,  you have loose stool (just short of diarrhea). After
having loosened stool, reduce the vitamin C dosage reduce by about
25 percent.  If you have another loose stool, reduce the vitamin C
again, but if the symptoms of the viral infection begin to return,
increase the dosage. You will quickly learn how much vitamin C
to take; even children can learn to do this. Continue until you are
completely well. Vitamin C greatly shortens the severity and
duration of viral illnesses.

Vitamin C expert Robert Cathcart, M.D., specifies very high therapeutic
doses of vitamin C. For a severe cold: 60,000 to 100,000 milligrams/day.
For most influenza (flu), 100,000 to 150,000 mg/day. 
For Avian (Bird) Flu, 150,000 to 300,000 mg/day.

Remember: Vitamin C replaces antiviral drugs at saturation (bowel
tolerance or loose stool) levels. The reason very high doses of a
vitamin can cure an illnesses is because a disease-induced
deficiency of that vitamin can be a cause of the illness.

As for the safety of this approach: There is not even one death per year
from vitamins. Pharmaceutical drugs, properly prescribed and
taken as directed, kill over 100,000 Americans annually. Hospital errors
kill still more. Unlike drugs, with vitamins, the range of safe dosages
is extraordinarily large.

What is Orthomolecular Medicine?

Linus Pauling defined orthomolecular medicine
as  the treatment of disease by the provision of
the optimum molecular environment, especially the
optimum concentrations of substances normally
present in the human body.  Orthomolecular
medicine uses safe, effective nutritional therapy
to fight illness. For more information:

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