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  Thursday, February 26, 2009

Barcelona Tourist bus. I do not recommend it unless[sigma]..

This type of service is actually a quick way of seeing the city.

There are two companies that run the service and both do similar things.

They are:


Absolutely never any need to book in advance,

I would recommend this way of seeing the city of you are in hurry, for example: you only have one day in Barcelona.

Personally I do not recommend this service for guests that stay with us.


We are located in the city centre.

Barcelona is a small city .

Most of the attractions are all walking distance from where we are, those that are not, well take public transports as millions do in the city. It is very, very ,very easy.

Also public transports are much cheaper. There is the transport ticket I buy called the T-10 of one zone. All Barcelona is one zone, even the outskirts of the city. It gives you 10 trips at almost half the price. It is transferable between more than one person as long as you travel together.

Now for 7 around 7 euros 20 you have all the transport needs converted ion Barcelona during your stay. I spend around one of theses cards every month; and you can use it on buses, trams and subway.

This will save you around 12 euros per person per day, which you can really help, you budget for other expenses.


Is it not better to choose where you would like to go and not follow what others organise for you.? How about the feeling of adventure?

Adventure is what we need to make life exciting and memorable.

One and a half million people do so every day using public transports.

This is more energy efficient for the whole community.

So if you are not in a hurry and would like to feel the freedom of choice and save money

Take public transports and curb the tourist bus.
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