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Ize Bernard presents: The (ib)BuGGin Podcast
Home to...Ize Bernard's current EDM focused podcast '(ib)BuGGin and his longstanding top rated eclectic podcast of "fresh beats for your head nodd and body move cravings..." as his alias Prez Ike, 'Indelible Beats'..."I ain't your personal mp3 player on shuffle..."

Friday, December 19, 2008

Blaaaooowww! How you like meee...now??


so...another tasty (ib)BuGGin podcast courtesy your resident mixmiesting wannabe multiple personality disordered DJ, Ize, Prez, whatever my name is these days...is ready to pulverize your ears and faciliate your inner buggin-ness at your local silent discoteque...say word...




p.s. - extra peace-ahhh goes out to all Resident Advisor peeps holding down and supporting innovative edm scenes worldwide, and my NYC minimaliztic tekhy house elektronic muzik lovin party people...i feel we've been more blessed with some real goodness as of late...scene wise.

- Ize

Download Ize Bernard - (ib)BuGGin Vol. 004 in mp3

Set list:

Claro Intelecto - 'Gone to the Dogs' [Modern Love]
Matthias Meyer & Patlac - 'Skipper' [Liebe Detail]
Anton Pieete - 'Last Night' [Intacto]
SIS - 'Nesrib' [
Andre Crom & Luca Doobie  - 'Orange Drive' [Heimatmelodie]
Luciano & Mirko Loco - 'Mousa Big Band' [Desolat]
Big Bully & Rufas - 'Nightflight' [Tic Tac Toe]
Boza - 'My Big Thing (Mastiksoul Remix)' [Rawthentic]
Matt Star - 'Kuhle Fliege (Jonas Kopp Androgeno Remix)' [International Freakshow]
Loco Dice - 'Phat Dope Shit (Saeed's Shit Bass Mix)' [Four:Twenty]
Dapayk Solo - 'Devil's House' [Mo's Ferry]
Motor City Drum Ensemble - 'Raw Cuts 3' [Faces]
Ilario Alicante - 'Living Near Africa' [Cé
Klovn - 'I Want You (District One Remix)' [Great Stuff]
Pablo Rez - 'Origami' [Frankie]
D'Julz - 'Fleurette (Tobias Remix)' [Circus Company]
Efdemin - 'The Pulse' [Curle]
Butane - 'Collapse' [alphahouse]

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