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Ize Bernard presents: The (ib)BuGGin Podcast
Home to...Ize Bernard's current EDM focused podcast '(ib)BuGGin and his longstanding top rated eclectic podcast of "fresh beats for your head nodd and body move cravings..." as his alias Prez Ike, 'Indelible Beats'..."I ain't your personal mp3 player on shuffle..."

Friday, January 30, 2009

The next installment is now ready!


3 Important announcements:a

1) You can now go to http://www.izebernard.com as well as http://www.prezike.com

2) I have great news, as promised, following this volume of the (ib)BuGGin podcast (which I recorded a few weeks ago) it will start featuring mixes presented by other DJ's and Live PA performers!

3) Anyone in the NYC area at the end of the month should know, I will be throwing the first edition of a party tentitively called...

(ib)BuGGin [surprise, surprise...haha]

Saturday, February 28th
10pm - late

66 Greenpoint Ave,
Brooklyn, NY

It will be featuring myself, of course, but also guest DJs to TBA!

And now, the link to (ib)BuGGin Volume 005...

- Ize

Download Ize Bernard - (ib)BuGGin Vol. 005 in mp3

Set list:

Canary Fontaine - 'Arizona Creeping' [Mean]
John Roberts - 'Hesitate' [Dial]
Andrea Paganin - 'One More Kiss' [Circle Music]
Mark Farina - 'Fusbol' [OM]
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - 'Le Tigre' [Oslo]
Lowtec - 'Untitled A1' [Workshop]
Audiofly X - '1999' [8Bit]
Robert Dietz - 'Klondike' [Deep Vibes]
Dark Daze - 'Lottie's Vogue' [Fuju]
Theo Parrish - 'Dusty Cabinets' [Sound Signature]
Jesse Rose Alongside Henrik Schwarz - 'Stop Look And Listen (Henrik's Version)' [Front Room]
Daniel Bell aka DBX - 'The Wild Life' [Logistic Recordings]
Reboot - 'Three Rows' [RaumůMuzik]
Damian Schwartz - 'Plastico' [Oslo]
Lee Curtiss - 'Sexy Dancer' [Wolf + Lamb]
Ada & Dee Pulse - 'Himmelunaed' [Areal]
Jeff Mills - 'The Bells' [Purpose Maker]
Kaufmann & Ferdinand feat Evensloped - 'Maden Magda (Alex Kork Remix)' [Kaufe]
Daniel Ceballos - 'Deep X' [3rd Wave]

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