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TANTMKM from the Mangolounge
The Mangolounge: beacon of all things easy and home of the podcast radio show that offers the creamiest-of-the-creamy, "The All New That's My Kinda Music" (catchily abbreviated to TANTMKM and hosted by the renowned ambassadors of easy-listening, the ever sartorially elegant Kenny Q and the beard-with-food bedecked Lessy P).

20 February 2005

Kenny Q at the helm of the ContessaThe Contessa, the Class-1 cocktail cabinet cruiser that is the Mangolounge mixing desk, is hauled to the waterfront - her fine mock-wood laminate decks dusted down, her creaky turntable engines cranked up, her voluminous pistons of chat oiled and primed, her bilge pumped with low-grade humour - straining at her moorings, pulling on her anchor men she yearns to catch the fairwinds of lounge-core in her sails and chart the seas of easy once more....

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And in a giant leap for Mankind (or more precisely several little steps for Leslie P and his small but shapely legs), the Mangolounge sprang into the information age and landed slap-bang in the middle of the web - inadvertently knocking over several little old ladies who were out to do their weekly shop (and had unwisely paused to pass comment on the price of cheese and the relative-worth of a shilling)....

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