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TANTMKM from the Mangolounge
The Mangolounge: beacon of all things easy and home of the podcast radio show that offers the creamiest-of-the-creamy, "The All New That's My Kinda Music" (catchily abbreviated to TANTMKM and hosted by the renowned ambassadors of easy-listening, the ever sartorially elegant Kenny Q and the beard-with-food bedecked Lessy P).

22 February 2005

Show name:
The Quiet show
Track listings: Ken's half, Les' half
Original transmission date: 01/04/00
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The next show will be podcast in late March 2005. In the meantime please enjoy the archive show (see above) which is now available on Podcast. We'd love to hear from you - so please post letters to mel-the-mailbag as comments or indeed add comments if you just want to have a rant about the price of bacon...

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Ok, ok no more nautical metaphors. The next show is scheduled for the end of March, we're not quite as prolific as Mr Curry...we merely sail the high seas of occasionality, navigate the treacherous rocks of over-production and surf the breakers of poor quality humour....oh, sorry....

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