Friday, April 08, 2005

GamesGrid Poker live for real money play! AND MY OWN, VERY 1st CONTEST :)

GamesGrid Poker live *now* :)


Yes, the 1,000% deposit bonus for POKER is real (up to $5,000).
Yes, we have daily $100 freerolls at noon and midnite GamesGridTime (GGT=EST).
Yes, you can earn up to $12/hour/table if you play more than ten hours a week.
Yes, we have a sweet referral/affiliate bonus of 25% net rake for life.

No, I'm not an affiliate.
No, I don't have a pic (other than the ones I too often post on this blog).
No, I won't include my supergirl panties in my comment contest (but thanks for asking).

That's it, I think...

Oh! check out my contest info HERE-- basically leave me a comment anywhere on this blog and/or link to me on your blog, and I'll throw you into a hat to win some back poker mags, vintage poker books/essay manuals, and other swag I can find :) Suggestions welcome too...


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GamesGrid Poker going LIVE, My 1st commentwhore contest inside, too!
Bonus info, very frequent player info, all the news fit to print!

So I've always thought that the coolest bloggers were the ones with the scoops-- like the kinds that get heads spinning (or chopped); even before becoming a regular blog reader y poster I always admired non-media sources of news, bloggers who grab the newsworld by the horns and pound away...


Can you tell where I'm going with this? That I'm practically peeing my supergirl panties because I'm going to be able to be *the* first one with this info?! Hehe.. okay okay-- so, guess who's going LIVE today??

GamesGrid Poker.

And why the hell is GamesGrid different than any other tomdickharry room - upstart - get rich quicker skin? Why the hell is this a sc00p??! A few humongo things.

One thousand percent. People who get in on this need to join some sort of club and call themselves the one thousand percenters, because this is freaking huge. This ISN'T a 1,000% casino bonus, but a 1000% POKER DEPOSIT BONUS. And also not a tiny one-- 1000% up to $5,000!!!

2,309,766 bonus whores across the globe ::fainted:: simultaneously.

Deposit will be based on frequent player points, but totally clearable: Based on being DEALT cards, not by contributing to rake unlike some places... INCREMENTAL payments (no withdraw earned bonus dollars & lose the entire unearned bonus b/c of a withdrawl) as the payments are $5/time (5 frequent player points = $1), and bonus dollars don't expire for a YEAR.

I just wanna say, "we don't need no stinking rakeback!" Especially with the rakebackers lately either being flybynite, shut down by their parent rooms, or just being skeezy by earning hard earned cash off the player-- this is a totally reliable way to earn cash over and above mad poker skillz and not have to worry about some jilting you like some bad prom nite story :)

And our very frequent player program (VFP), the one leaked to 2+2 earlier last month-- earn up to $12/hour playing the games you want?? Yeah, its true. And better and stranger than truth:

VFPs are eligible to earn the bonus as well, on top of their vfp earnings.

Another 3,021,553 bonus whores and multi-tablers pass out, when they realize that hours are per table and gamesgrid specifically will allow vfp's to *multi-table*...

Now, we really don't need your stinking rakeback. :)

But... affiliates are a way of life and times (see a billion of my earlier posts!) -- so they'll earn 25% on their signup's net rake. For life, of course, unlike other lamer rooms who will remain nameless only so I don't drive up their page ranks.

And you have real friends instead of a list of names to spam? :) Our refer a friend program pays you the 25% for life of your friends who sign up under you too, same as affiliate earnings. So call yourself a friend and sleep at nite, you'll make the same $ deposited direct into your gamesgrid account as affiliates do.


So, what do you think??! Leave me a comment here and I'll have a little contest-- I'll put together some back poker mag issues (All In Jan/Feb, Bluff Feb/March, CardPlayer ?), a few vintage poker books I picked up from the used bookstore (Sklansky on Razz, 1980 61 pages; How to Win at Stud Poker 1938!! James Wickstead, 150 pages), maybe some of my favorite chinatown sweettooth candies, and whatever else I can find. I'll even put together a little knitting kit if the winner's interested :) The more comments, the more semi-related stuff I'll put together for the big oscar-mayer-winner. Maybe I'll get Boss to kick something down the mountain, too... (probably only if I actually get some *entries*)...

And, get a second entry into my vague *its 3am and I'm not thinking straight* contest by posting about rel="tag">gamesgrid or linking to me in YOUR blog (email or leave me the link to your blog in my comments).

I'll end the contest next week (4/15) at 23:59PST, please no spam/links for other poker rooms but anything else goes as far as comments that qualify for entry. (Don't try and hurt my feelers though!)

And by the way!! I am NOT an affiliate, I WILL NOT earn anything if you sign up because you read this or not-- I'm just a superFan of this job and these people I work with who've been working so freaking hard to get this off the ground, and I wanna be a scoopy blogger :)

This also is not official GamesGrid news; just a rumor that we'll be live by 9am Friday ;)

Don't tell Boss, I'd hate to get in trouble for yakking about this, but I can't help myself! We weren't supposed to talk about any of this til launch day-- but it *is* 3amPST (waited to get under the gun for our Hawaiian friends, hi Henri!) ... so I'm trying to get all of this under a technicality :)

Oh, the race to be first!


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Fun posts from the past few days:
Poker, blogging, knitting and the requisite robotic urinal story (auto shake!)

This is what I get for not having an outline :) I miss out on referencing some interesting sh!t from the past few days, start talking hentai and wto (what kind of google hits will I find today?) and miss out on the articles I kept tagging along with me the past few days...

University of Utah article: Professional poker players *aren't* evil! ;) "Poker professionals are not swarthy anarchists who enjoy breaking the law..." Heh.

Something every blogger should know about: WordPress scandal, hosting "articles" on the site in order to place high value google context ads on. Why is important? Since google has stripped WP's page rankings from 8/10 to 0/10, that means a backlash against bloggers is potentially in the pipeline (to lose the favored child status on google? perish!)... and a restructure of page valuations may be on the radar across all search engines. I actually like being a top search for apple peelers, so this bums me out.

And in the same wave google, yahoo, and all the big boys may be staring down the barrel of a class action lawsuit for "click thru" ad fraud and overcharging...

Poker, journalists and first amendments. Amen, brutha.

Would be blog spammer advertising for the tools to do her dirty werk... for shame Amy! (from the blog herald, thanks)... and even scarier, one that already works to auto-spam blog comments for moveable type...

Now, THIS is a yarn stash! Makes my little blue bin quiver and cower with her tail between her legs...

Robo-urinal. Not much more to be said. Same category of not much more to say: Cellphone frequencies cause sperm death in mice.

Badass spaghetti western poker post. aK heartily approves any references to hoopskirts over the head posts. Want me to link any? lmk when you find more, I'll be your huckleberry :)

Hm, not only can I get super google page rank (imagine cape and heels! mmm...) with my blog, I can also find a bloggy lover? Maybe this is the way to go, stroking the computer screen longingly hasn't been quite successful lately... :)

Hella interesting way to use tiny url to waste some time: Tiny url whacking. Also, check out what bloggers are linking to in the nyt-- the annotated nyt blog.

Pee my pants bridezilla story at Crazy Aunt Purl. "You know what I said to her, right? Because I am the mouthpiece of Satan? I said, "Yes, those marriage licenses are so easy to get. Too bad 56% of them end in divorce. Oh! Look at me, what am I saying? I'm sure that won't happen to you." Whoops!"

And CL updated their best of's recently too...


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