Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm not that porn star.
But will she play with us plebes on GamesGrid?
(and some poker, some RSS info for you hardliners.)

ma'am, we're not going to go down there and enforce your western bacon cheeseburger.

something else that made me laugh-- red just told me that when i was away on vacation, he fielded questions about my identity as a porn star. no, not just *any* porn star, but my alternate reality star asia carrera. ::laughing:: asia = asia, jah? (i am a fan, but it'd take some major beergoggling to confuse me for her!)

(new) goals for 2005:
find a cure for the common cold *bj
*get asia carrera to play poker at gamesgrid poker
swim bareassed in the north atlantic
stalk less, flirt more

i wonder what kind of convincing it'd take to get to asia carrera to dip her toes in the grid. ive always wanted to meet her.

[insert] ambitious segue into Boston Globe article, what happened to the anti-pr0n feminists? (maybe they were finally drowned out by the hoardes that approve with their billion-dollar purchase power vox, maybe we now understand feminism doesn't have to launch into these esoteric legal battles anymore in order to claim our place in the pecking order, maybe they discovered the delight of nightvision amateur cams.)

on the other end of the spectrum, eco-porn article on "sex-positive environmentalism" (read: screwing in the outdoors to save the whales/beavers/silicone dildo handicrafters). NSFW, unless you're a sleep deprived internet butterfly like me who will *somehow* find how it's related to poker and have no one up at this hour to look over your shoulder anyway :)

and titillation without the m$: agent provocateur (hi end, delicious lingerie). spent too much time there last nite putting together a wishlist, though i seriously doubt these bits will be shoulderholdered by hundred dollar skivvies y chonies anytime soon. getting back to reality (oops, there goes gravity...)

Getting back into the grid swing's been hard, been easy-- so much new info, but then again, so much new info! (Grid Swings, not just for the michelin man anymore. Coming to the back of a playboy near you...) Came home from vacation to this...

and this...

(actually that's tonite's screenshot, getting home from PR it was at 243!)

and more fun with screenshots:

(someone wanna stake me the eighty bucks this place wants to prove my brainiac worth? too much, dont they know eighty = 1/2way to a new bra @ AP??!)

But all of the effort has been/will be worth it-- Monday was the 1st day I saw gamesgrid's lobby server full of real money games (full= have to scroll bar down to see 0 seater tables), and its happened every day since, too. And with the itemized refer a friend & affiliate reports being sent out yesterday (itemized list of affiliate signups and their 25% rake earnings info), I think it'll be interesting to see if anyone has anything to say about it. (Especially as wlo is cracking down on rakebackers and individual tracking, on main site and on skins.)

Erudis signed up 21 making a whopping $1.72: "as far as April is concerned, only 1 person had a positive rake and the money they sent me for it was $1.72. Everyone else either had negative rake or no rake (i assume from the bonus money and/or VFP money taken from that) - (this also means that if you were playing there right now you can expect 100% or better return on your rake...)"

I wonder how may cats ScotchRox signed up, after his pimpfest on RGP since launch. He was an early betatester with GamesGrid Poker... for some reason I always picture him wearing a smoking jacket and cradling a cohiba.

And of course, please use Erudis or ScotchRox when signing up for GamesGrid Poker, thanks! (MaxyPaxy aka Tino Lechich of the 200/400 *no rake* Godzilla table fame on gamesgrid probably doesn't need it, but you could hook him up too!)

But, this whole innundation of information (a good thing!) would be nigh impossible without my handy-dandy feed reader. I use radio's since it's built in (it was a major selling point, actually), but here's a great how-to article to set up a free feed subscription on bloglines for those wanting to jump on the subscription bandwagon. (The bloglines ref reminds me that Felicia may not have found me if I hadn't poked around BL and set up a news feed there and site submission before finally settling w/ radio's news agg... still getting steady streams of visitors from the pimp, so cool!)

Weird blog science: Marry technorati searches and bloglines' rss reader and raise its rosemary spawn to informational bliss (mule? liger?) Set up a technorati search as an rss feed, say on ... asia K :) and hook the feed url into bloglines. This is a great way to kep track of who's linking to your blog.

That's how i found Felicia's post so quickly-- technorati's search showed up on my rss feed as I'm subscribed to myself. Sick, I know-- self love running rampant like a delovely coed + giftcertificate in goodvibes. But I digress.

I tried running more basic technorati searches on broad keywords like "poker," but there are just too many hits for me to read thru! But, making technorati "watchlists" on keywords and urls and combining them into your feedreader (along with all of the blogs you're subscribed to, natch!) gives you a one-stop-blog-shop of information. I'm all for popping around and running my own little searches here & there, but this gives me a nice jumping off point to start my day/nite off with.

The only thing I'm super curious about re: rss reading is following those who are subscribed but never clickthru to the site they're reading-- how do they know who's subscribed to them? There are a *lot* of blogs I read just thru my nagg, and I think then the bloggers don't see those reads on their referrer tracking pages. Never said I was an expert, just good with duct tape.

Speaking of, going to go put my fingers in the dyke and clear out some more emails. (no link for you, sicko!) I have moremoremore pr pics, maybe tomorrow I'll get a chance to put them up (it's a treat for me, i fall for la isla harder than i fell for any boys in high school.)

nite for now,


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