Monday, May 30, 2005

aK's snarky glossary.
By special request...
(pleasepleasepleaseletme, get what i want...)

aK's snarky poker glossary.

Okay. I refuse to link or reference other poker sites when I write this blog, simply cos I'm a nut who's been following the impact blogs have on google page rank and I refuse to get anywhere myself or jack up their indexing by referencing another room or linking to them. It's my party... :)

That being said, I'll keep a glossary here and update it if/when I make up some new wordgames (although, if you've read all the blogposts you'd know what they are ;) ...)

(the) b!tch = b0d0g
roman/state = emp1re
wlo (world's largest online; my 1st and worst imo) = party
quixote (tilting at windmills) = full t1lt
(giant) whore of babylon = g0lden palace
fartingbet = sp0rt1ngbet
lost/found = parad1se

Any more suggestions? :)


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Happy Memorial Day

Random things are better than fullbore-ing again about online poker, esp as its memorial day and i'd like to have a moment for that... (im working on yet another long ass rant about online poker, itll be buried under this post when it finally rips out)...

Just wanted to say happy memorial day :)

My grandfather, not lost to war but a veteran, spoke very little to us about his fighting war and more about the "camps" and being American. Both of my father's parents were born in the United States of immigrant parents... greatgrandparents = issei, grandparents = nisei, parent (pop) = sansei, me = yonsei, 4th gen Japanese in America.(other nomenclatures as well, thx mom ;) ... but this is more about stories gpa told today.)

He would have been younger than I am when he went into the internment camps-- first to Santa Anita (yes for cali denziens, internees were initially housed at the horsetrack), then to Tule Lake. One story stands out... They couldn't leave the barbed wire for quite a while, but one summer were hired out to a farmer cropping sugar beets. It was a singular thrill to him to ride the truck out of the campgrounds, with its watchtowers and black guns, onto a farm that wasn't his to harvest sugarbeets for more than money all day and be happy to get up the next day and do it again and again. Later he'd answer yes-yes to (that) loyalty questionnaire and go to war for his country...

I have one picture of him, standing barrelchested posing against the wing of a plane, as usual bigger than life, grinning like a madman. Later my uncle told me that they wouldn't give gpa a gun (he worked as a cook in the army) because he told an officer he'd shoot him if given the chance... Fear of a yellow man.

So its not a memorial day story, but there you go.


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