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Alanis misclicks, broadly: private and public humiliations

Tonite, I give you your choice of laughing at your hostess aK. Poker one first, since it just happened and I'm an idiot.

So I've been catching up on GamesGrid Poker stuff, and I read this post on daniel negreanu's full contact forum re: gamesgrid:

"So, gamesgrid recently shuffled their check/fold/bet buttons due to some complaints.
Well, right now, people are misclicking left and right.
Come on over and take these fools $$. :) "

And I think to myself, *yeah. gamesgrid just did change the button layout* (i saw it on the popup message when I logged in today... before it used to be the announcement of the rake reduction for headsup & shorthanded play, which was suggested by a bunch of players via forums & emails and was changed b/c of the feedback gamesgrid got on the rake structure. they also added the "no flop, no drop" policy b/c of customer feedback. i love working with these guys, seriously. its great working with management, in *any* industry, that listens to the communities that support them... and i am learning to play poker b/c of it!)

Anyhow! I haven't seen the new button layout (there's a pic on the splash popup, but i closed and didnt want to logoff/logon to see it.) And I haven't played poker for weeks, so I sit at an empty $10 NL to check em out, singing gladys knights' midnite train to georgia to myself in the chatbox. By a few, I'm having fun chatting with a few people and the table's full.

Of course I've got seven tabs open in firefox, xm radio streaming thru headphones, photoshop for resizing my humongo pics from the canon s410 I bought earlier thru amazon, 2 word docs, and just too much crap in addition to the room's window. So when it pops up, I'm like, uh, "fold!"

Instead the asshat button wasn't where it was supposed to be. What a freaking pavlov's monkey at a keyboard I am. You know the rest.

The HH, courtesy of the new hand history option @ grid's cashier:

***** Hand History for Game 502656 *****
0.10/0.20 TexasHTGameTable (NL)
Sun May 08 01:39:06
Table 54 (Real Money)
Seat 2 is the button
Total number of players : 5
Seat 2: DLSall ( $9.65)
Seat 5: romeice24 ( $2.15)
Seat 6: jsaund22 ( $9.11)
Seat 8: asia k ( $13.44)
Seat 9: rerrer ( $8.10)
romeice24 posts small blind (0.05)
jsaund22 posts big blind (0.10)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to asia k [ 8s, Ad ]
asia k calls (0.10)
rerrer raises (8.10) to 8.10 rerrer is all-In.
DLSall folds.
romeice24 folds.
jsaund22 folds.
asia k calls (8)
** Dealing Flop ** : 4h, 3c, Qh ]
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Kh ]
** Dealing River ** : [ Kd ]
** Summary **
Main Pot: $15.55 | Rake: $0.80 Board: [ 4h 3c Qh Kh Kd ]
DLSall balance $9.65, didn't bet (folded)
romeice24 balance $2.10, lost $0.05 (folded)
jsaund22 balance $9.01, lost $0.10 (folded)
asia k balance $5.34, lost $8.10 [ 8s Ad ]
rerrer balance $15.55, bet $8.10, collected $15.55, net +$7.45 [ Th Ts ]

Congrats rerrer :) Sorry to bow out of the table, but I had to come write this up & flog myself for public humiliation while it was fresh.


The 2nd masochistic story of the day... (1,047 stalkers-in-training lean in a little closer). Well, this was from a few days ago, coming back from Puerto Rico. The 1st day back (landed Thursday evening), I was up til 530am pst (late for me), awake til 6pm Friday, and then slept. Til 1130am Saturday. Seventeen and a half blissful hours...

I woke up with a terrible sleepgluttons headache, wandered to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I still hadn't unpacked my toothpaste and was using a tube I pulled out the day before from a teeth whitening kit and left on the shelf-- the kind with that weird wide medical screwtop. So, same time*same bat channel: apply paste, brush (quadrants! remember the tongue and tonguering!), spit, rinse.

"holy crap the whitening toothpaste is bad, no wonder i never used it again..." Turned around to grab listerine orange from shelf where toothpaste was,

Cortisone 10 *with aloe formula*

nastynastynasty. I'm still not convinced anyone's reading, so I guess I can whisper that to the reeds.

I can also post a pic of my 1st ever skirt worn in public willingly, taken today after having the *best* vietnamese food at Pho 84 in Oakland:

can you *tell* how tense i am to have a pic taken of this?? grandma would faint, she's always bugging me to get out of oversized jeans and into some grandgrandbabies. btw, i dont know whats up w/ my breasts in this pic but theyre nowhere near the olson twins they look to be here.

Been going thru a little changeup of self image, self stuff. I've always been a terribly shy person who says/thinks *person* instead of *girl*, a tomboy since seven (what do you want to be when you grow up, honey? a daddy.)

So this skirt and manicure and purse lipstick square jaw thing is weird new beautiful terrifying to me. I don't know what snapped in me... may have been the fact I'm gleefully skipping towards 28 (i think its freaking cool, being a grownup whose got everything ahead and everything behind, very 360), I realized its not so bad to be feminine (always loved being female, but not femme), and I wasn't afraid to try on clothes for the first time in as long as I can remember. I dunno, but it's nice nonetheless. Came just in time for me to wear shorts and a dress in PR even! :)

More PR stories blogpost, being written now,... and don't tell anyone about the cortisone thing. I think that one's like a million times more embarrassing than a silly misclick :)


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