Friday, May 27, 2005

Rolling on, numero dos...
Vader, marijuana, blythe knitted outfits
and how the emperor needs to miss his clothes...

GamesGrid Poker google searchers: go read a new review of GamesGrid here, thanks Michael. :)

Or check out Erudis from FCP: "so, as of THIS second, for the month of May, Games Grid has paid me to play: $3,016.70..."

Everyone else, follow me.

First dalliance, my (stoner) friend Ian sent me a link to The Sith Sense, some crossover marketing scheme between epi III y (B)K (??! on that combo, btw) where you play 20 questions with Darth Vader. And this screenshot he took:

It took Vader 29 tries to guess that IT WAS A JOINT my stoner friend was thinking about. (actually, he said it was marijuana he was thinking about, and this was as far as the guessing game would take him. when he chose "sometimes" as the answer to the joint question, darth stopped asking him questions.) hehehehe... easily amused.

And now onto the show.

"Yet, some of the judges said that cockroaches have eaten the toners of the printers on several occasions. “This is big shame for the country. This court, as the biggest court in the country, should have the best equipment instead of fighting cockroaches,” one of the judges reacted." -- Macedonian newssite Metamorphosis.

You know what?

Exactly. That's exactly my sentiment lately for the online poker debacle surrounding us. It's a farking debacle and I'll cry if I want to for using the word, but that's my thesis for today...

This country should have the best equipment instead of fighting cockaroaches. Lost in translation fo sho, but that's what I'm driving at with all this drivel. It's screwing us over, not even just "us" as people who play online poker, but us as a nation. For reals, and in many more ways than one.

So assume for the moment that the last post is right, that Americans as a whole approve of the game of poker (as in... doesn't violate their moral longitudes, liveyletlive, off of their collective radars, etx.) Also that states see gambling as a positive revenue builder (NoDak's online poker bill that died on the vine in its senate; the fact that 5 states already rely on in-state gambling revenue for over 10% of their net, and 5 other states are fast approaching that 10% mark). And some states are further pushing the envelope on lottery sales (allowing them via in-state internet purchases) and telephonic/internet betting for instate residents.

So this backdrop of not only popcult but states approval of gambling, eh? (jaja, i know im ignoring utah's call against the wto to not allow gambling within their state and kyl's yetagain attempt to "fix" the wire act by specifically including internet gambling as a prohibited activity... but, berkeley isnt utah and i live on the internet, so ill just skip over those and let you figure out my bias :) )

You'd think a moneymaker like online poker would be a boon to states. Crap, California's dicking around with teacher salaries and nurses' pay, and there's nothing the *nator is going to do to help either of the two groups who may possibly be doing the hardest work for the least recognition and the most impact on individuals in the entire state (and disproportionately affect poorer people in the process). Lotto my ass, too-- the UK in passing its recent Gambling Bill is going to raise over 2 billion pounds (xe sez, 3,648,311,086.43 USD) and I can't win a bigspin ticket to save my life.

RIGGED, i tell ya.


Dalliance numero dos, as I've decided its not long enuf yet ;)

Knitty's surprises are out, incl this knit 4 blythe quadsome. Whoa.

Have I mentioned I halted production on clappy? :( I think it was just about the time when I blogged that "I don't need to follow no stinking pattern for clappy anymore"-- when I hauled her to a coffeeshop and guessed when to yo for about, 3 cafe au laits and a few pages in ss2... You know the rest-- so I've got to rip back (far) and just.... argh, I *hate* ripping back, because (shh) I don't know how to pick up work. My sts are always weird twisted/holey when I try to pick up dropped sts, and I can't imagine trying to pick up a whole row.

I finally broke down & bought stitch & bitch nation, after it was on perpetual hold too long from my knitting pal... and am now working on the drop stitch vest in patons grace-- in red.

So where were we, non-knitterly folk?

Oh yeah. Assume its true that, as mad as the brits are for gambling, the US dominates as far as numbers of players of online poker. (It's changing, but still true as of now). And, whereas the UK is scrambling to pick up this steady revenue stream from readywillingable poker rooms, the US refuses to acknowledge its citizenry's (general and specific) acceptance of gambling (online). State lines are the b!tch we serve for that issue...

So, not only is the US shooing out US dollars from its borders (with a 55 BILLION DOLLAR TRADE DEFICIT on our backs) and into the pockets of friendly foreign operators on sunnier shores than the bay area has had lately-- it actively pursues those who are within its jurisdiction with the long (hirsute) arm of the DOJ (who equates online gambling with child pornography, btw!) with cease and desist tactics against those who aid and abet (read: carry advertising for) online gambling establishments.

Now, nothing new, right? Feds say online gambling is illegal, ergo-- it is. No matter the vox of the nation's citizenry, the states crying out for much needed, NEW revenue sources, and the WTO ruling against the US in its application of anti-online gambling laws... And? (insert: fratboy stare)...

Which bothers me for one of three reasons. One's esoteric, my romantic heart-- I hate the failure of nations. Specifically the failure of this country (or its shortcomings), cos no matter being a bluedipped liberal in hempwoolen clothing, I am proud of this land I call my own. (edited out cheesy speech here, but you get the picture.) I just feel at the visceral level that government has the responsibility to listen to its citizenry and not to moralistic pulpitmunchers. I think its a failure in general to pursue against a "moralistic" battle such as online poker, when non political morality dictates that Darfur should come first. (I know Darfur is an extreme example, but insert any place in the world that we should be exercising our muscle and aren't, and then look to the US arguing to the WTO that online gambling really chaps our hides.)

Reasons 2 & 3 tomorrow :)

Sleepy x 3,

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