Tuesday, May 10, 2005

GamesGrid Poker VFP praise, yay for gamesgrid's customer service, and witty links inside.
(more than you'd even hoped for, eh!)

Just for sh!ts and giggles, a post re: an email received by a poster at FullContactPoker from GamesGrid Poker support:

Well, I admit to being bummed when I got the email about 1.5 Big Blinds per hour instead of 3. So I wrote them a letter and got this answer.....

"First of all, thanks for writing and for playing on GamesGrid.

We believe that GamesGrid's combination of 1000% bonus and VFP is unmatched in online poker. In your case, you have earned and collected $427 in bonus payments and $960 in VFP payments. You will get about another $350 in VFP payments on Monday, or more if you log more hours. That totals $1737 in payments to you on a generated gross rake of less than $750, or a 231% rakeback. We are happy to offer such a great deal to the early players that help to build our site..... but you must admit, "It is a GREAT deal!," and it will be under the new rules also.

If you play at higher limits the VFP program will still yield the max of $12 per hour, the same as before. At lower limits it is cut in half but still a great deal. Thanks for playing at GamesGrid."

Well I checked the numbers and they are right. Plus, I am beating up on the 3-6 games pretty steadily. If things stay like this, GamesGrid is my new home.

Neatstreet. I also dig GamesGrid sending real email responses, unlike other places with outsourced shakespeare wannabes. Here's a snip of another post re: GamesGrid support from ThePokerForum.com:

So about a week ago, I sent an email to support with suggestions/issues. I'd assumed they had just ignored me as I didn't here back from anyone...until this morning. I had an response which addressed everything I put in my email. I could tell someone actually took the time to read everything I wrote and reply back with answers and feedback. I'm telling you, this site will kick ass once more people show up. Here is the email (check out the bold text...woo hoo):

Again, yay for GamesGrid Poker support :)

I have more to write about, but Hero is in the dvd player (my 180 minute man, netflix is-- for you yoda fetishists out there), and I have a whole new box of yarn to play with. Yeehaw...


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