Sunday, May 15, 2005

Things I Love,
deliciously flippant, if i say so myself.

I miss this (blogging) and think I'll just have a little fun with, "things i love"...

1) Netflix. I haven't set up the Netflix RSS feed yet, since I hate messing with radio's page layout and just end up screwing the pooch when I do-- but check it out, most recent rentals:

Hero (!!!)
Ray (went out & bought my 1st cd in like, seven years-- soundtrack)
Oceans 12 (shameful)
The Decalogue 1-3 (whoa. 4-10 are in the queue)
Motorcycle Diaries (::swoon::)
Mean Girls...

Yeah, mean girls :) Okay, say you'll rent it for only the strip tease in mrs santa claus outfits and lindsey's happy birthdays, but its fun-- I think I'm going to rent more dreck more often.

Speaking of dreck, Esquire's calling out for a one week postponement "strike" against the Star Wars juggernaut--

"Here's the plan. It's exceedingly simple but also potentially revolutionary. If you saw and genuinely enjoyed the first two installments, by all means dash straight out and see Episode III , taking special care that your imperial-stormtrooper helmet hides the lobotomy scars. If, on the other hand, you found one or both of the previous two films lacking in some way yet feel obligated by a sense of pop-cultural duty and/or lingering nostalgia to tune in for the grand finale: don't. At least not for the first week. See an intriguing foreign film instead, or catch up on the first two seasons of The Wire (the best TV series nobody's watching), or gather like-minded friends and play a drinking game in which you watch Attack of the Clones and do a shot every time Hayden Christensen pouts. Do whatever it takes; just avoid the theater for seven days. And tell every single person you know to do likewise.

In my dream, this article isn't dismissed as a bitchy provocation. People take it seriously, word of the provisional boycott spreads across the Internet faster than that "Re: Wicked screensaver" worm, Revenge of the Sith attracts only the hardcore fan boys and opens to $22 mil, and that popping sound echoing off the Hollywood Hills is revealed to be the heads of various studio executives imploding as the one and only certainty they cling to dissipates like dry ice in front of a wind machine. Hey, a man can dream."

I figure I'm spreading some good provisional boycott love, and hope fair use is a fair maiden :) And, maybe my little republish will help stem the tide against an anticipated "star wars sickout"...

And speaking of Esquire, I made my first blog comment ever (im shy, really) on pPlayer in a post about Esquire y poker (shameless quote of myself follows, degrees of separation notwithstanding):

"*Poker is sex* aside, Esquire Magazine is even more interesting to me in that they chose to carry a large poker "tutorial" (advertisement) in last April's issue, and have been subsequently slapped with an "informational subpoena" by the US Department of Justice because of the advertisement. (As reported in the Kansas City Times: )

Esquire Magazine now may have the standing to challenge the DOJ's jurisdiction/power to issue such cease-and-desist/informational subpoenas, either calling the Wire Act's applicability to online poker into question, or a First Amendment challenge that Casino City advanced (but was negatively received by the court, in "asides" in the opinion).

Casino City attempted to challenge the DOJ's ability to issue such warnings but failed as they could not show they were affected by the DOJ policy (which bluntly calls the broadcast of advertising for online poker sites as the equivalent of advertising for, well read the exerpt below-- and the advertisement of such is clearly a felony.)
{Casino City background: )

Quote from DOJ cease & desist letter from Casino City case:

"...the Department of Justice, as a public service, would like you to be aware that the entities and individuals placing these advertisements may be violating various state and federal laws, and that entities and individuals that accept and run such advertisements may be aiding and abetting these illegal activities. Broadcasters and other medial outlets know of the illegality of offshore sportsbook and Internet gambling operations, since, presumably, they would not run advertisements for illegal narcotics sales, prostitution, child pornography or other prohibited activities."
(From Casino City V US DOJ, Civil Action Number 04-557-B-M3 in the US District Ct, Middle DIstrict of Louisiana PDF: )

Interesting times we are in! Yay for Esquire, lets hope they push the envelope and not back down. :)


imma dork, I know. and nothing is a buzzkill like DOJ and online poker in the same sentence, so lets forge ahead of my adhoc "love" essay here...

2) Full Contact Poker forum. Since, well two reasons. I get to read positive comments about gamesgrid listening to customers like this one: "Gamesgrid is now the first site to allow 200BB buyins for NL games." In that thread I found a link to a gridder's blog where he's posted about his vfp and bonus payments:

"Well I just signed up for GamesGrid yesterday and the 10 hours ends tonight. I knew I played a few hours yesterday and multitabled some. They update your hours and pay out your FPP bonus everynight at 1:00 AM EST. I woke up this morning and my 140 FPP had been converted into $28 and reset back to 0. I now have $4,972 bonus pending. I also checked out my VFP page and somehow yesterday I played 12.2 table hours! I already qualified for VFP this week.

Here was the breakdown of my table hours ....

6.4 hours of $1/$2
4.5 hours of $2/$4
1.3 hours of $3/$6

So as of now I will get an additional bonus of (6.4 * 1.5)+(4.5 * 3)+(1.3 * 4.5) = $28.95. Not too shabby!!!!!"

Thanks dna4ever-- and thanks to GamesGrid Poker getting affiliate banners and trackable links via (eight days a week and please drive thru, come again)-- please be sure to use dna4ever as your GG referral ;)

You know you want a gamesgrid banner of your own. So here's the link again: Get your GamesGrid Poker banners here! :)

Meanwhile, back on the farm-- the second reason I like FCP is b/c I find this whole forum war thing funny. The whole community clash thing, notwithstanding the common background of poker or Dan's challenge, just "mine against yours.".Seems Bill's been hit with it as well, blogs versus forums... and of course we can't forget the recent blogger rss war.

Dan's down 200k (though, having his assistant post updates to FCP via a Treo 600 was a cool byproduct), and puts a cookie on my machine when I visit the forums, but it's a nice place.

3) Being dreamt about.

That's it for now, maybe next time I can be a little more comprehen-sated.

GamesGrid Poker

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