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I realy tried to write something not about poker, online or off...

hehe, i suxxor. here i was going to write a, "im so farking tired of thinking of online poker, here's everything but" post, but its 130am and im freerolling at gamesgrid with a bunch of other niteowls and having a pretty good time of it, too. (in between huge newsagg and a mountain of emails, too... how come my eyes cross when looking at more than one table but i can have 164 news stories, 14 emails and 485 news agg feeds and not bat an eye?)

yeah, nitely freerolls at gamesgrid poker. 3am gamesgridtime(GGT)/est and 8ggt. $50, usually less than 100 people. some colourful characters too :)

::yawn:: they really do mean "wee hours"... i cant believe im still in it. final table.

hi merelda :) and to the rest of you 4am-ers, too! its only 130am here pst... so tired i cant even capitalize ;)


Okay, but really now. Too much online poker makes asia a dull, dull girl. Talking about it anyway. So let's clear out some links, shall we...

Since everyone's linking to it, oddjack is the new gambling site from gawker media. I don't get why its a big deal, but hella links to it are popping up on blogdex (*really* cool site, btw) and you *know* what a bandwagonwhore I am. So there it is, another link. And from a gambling blogger who has never heard of nick denton, either, so that may be a first. (but i have wonkette, gizmodo, and maybe even fleshbot on the newsagg...) ;)

Good taste too-- links to perennial favs on its "guide to the [gambling] web" include Up for Poker, Bonus Code IGGY ;), Felicia, pPlayer, Chris Halverson (see, you *are* famous!), BadBlood, dr Pauly, las vegas and poker blog (which always turns up on my feed as "las vegas veagas" for some reason), & Mean Gene... dude, all these blogger types are reading about yalls (lotsa anyways) happy dances to vegas-- make it good and get a little asian red for me, too.

Feed me, oddjack! ;) I'm not going to vegas but I clean up mas g00t, i swear!


4th and 1-3 pay. Oh well, and I could've used that $10 donation to bleed an extra 2 min @ NL20 :) And now all of the skeezies who find my blog searching for asia carrerra, bondage fairies, maria magdelena porn (wtf??), victoria's secret dressing room sex (!!) are going to flood the grid's nitely freerolls, so aK will not have the chance to bubble again :) And she'll have to do it among the weirdos searching for (bra+fitting)(asia)(dressing room), too! :)


Speaking of Vegas, blogs & WSoP fever (for some reason, i get some superficial pleasure by typing wsop like that)... pPlayer's going and wants to know what you wanna know about it: professional voyeur, no waiting. And Canadian Poker will be uploading live WSoP coverage as well (though i hope they push it on rss or ill forget to check it out). Pauly y PokerPlayerNewspaper will rss'ing it, I'm sure... Blogger convergeance, drive thru come again!

And as it takes all kinds-- how dirty are wsop chips? A little more serious: Is the Rio asking for too much personal info for wsop registration?

I'm still lobbying GamesGrid to send me with a buttload of GG tshirts, a case of coquito and 7 new pairs of panties to Vegas. And a room with a jacuzzi, you know-- networking.

And what better way to end the random wsop entry in this post that's NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT POKER...

(shamelessly lifted from parcimony @ LiveJournal)...

My thoughts on winning a WSOP gold bracelet this year. . .

Much like a leper
watching some pornography
I will pull it off



From grow-a-brain... :) late nite penii humor always scores high with me.


grow a brain uses typepad... <s>to which</s> someone has posted a middle-ground fix to rss content hijacking for tp users: copyright the full text feed. [edit: fix is for WordPress!]

© 2005 This RSS Feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you’re not reading this material in your news aggregator, the site you’re looking at is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact YOUR-CONTACT-DETAILS so we can take legal action immediately.

Thanks for the info, bloglogic... who has something for radio?


Or, fark copyright. Be like dna4ever and pop em where it hurts... dna has had his rss feed hijacked by an unscrupulous roman/state affiliate to bump up their google page rank with "lots of original, dynamic blog content"-- a lot of which contains posts like,

"Hoooray for Gamesgrid VFP! I played WAY to much poker this week, but it paid off some yesterday. I got my VFP newsletter email and received $180.80 in VFP payment this week! I played the shit out of dealers choice, 37.64 table hours of it to be exact!"

"I lost about $5 in [Dealer's Choice] play, but cleared $25 more of my FPP bonus so netted up $20. Also accrued another $30 in VFP $ for tonights payout. My bankroll is currently at the highest its ever been."

"Until yesterday I had never played a Lo game in my life, but man are they fun. According to my VFP page this morning I ended up playing 2.3 hours of Dealers Choice. On top of that I got in 2.4 table hours of regular $1/$2 Holdem, 0.5 hours of $2/$4, and 0.9 hours of $3/$6. One cool thing is to promote their dealers choice tables Gamesgrid is offering 3x the BB hourly payment to play those tables this week."

[hahahahhaahhahahaha --aK]

So enterprising dna put up this post, which was subsequently lifted and pasted onto the offender's site...

It was brought to my attention that a company called [asshats-R-us] has been hi-jacking the RSS Feed from my blog and posting all my blog posts as 'Poker Articles' on their website. If I had been asked for permission for something like this I wouldnt really care, but using my feed to bring more poker content to the search engines for his site which is used to promote another online site is not cool.

I have traced the web domain to Vladimir Nachshunov. Even though the URL for the website indicates its a Lithuanian site the whois puts Mr. Vladimir in Sarasota Fl.

If anyone is reading this blog through this other site then known it the thread is originating from and I have not given my permission for its use there.

Not only is the donkey affiliate pimping GamesGrid Poker's vfp & double payment dealer's choice tables on a competing site, but they're also republishing dna's own "kiss my ass, asshat" post without batting an eye...

More info here at FullContactPoker...

Here's hoping you make a little something for the accidental GG advertising, dna :) Please use dna4ever when signing up to GamesGrid Poker... you know you wanna!


Well, for not being a post about online poker, I may as well cap it off with one more...

"Poker restaurant lets customers gamble for meal deals."

Who needs h00ters when you can have...


Note to self: copyright h00ters + poker restaurant. p00ters. oy vey, a nice thought to send myself off to sleep with. ;)

Sleepy! as usual...


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