Friday, July 01, 2005

Whiskeytown's playing with me, why not you? :)
Heifer International y GamesGrid Poker-- Rakeback for sustainable self-reliance

Hehee, nothing delights me more than seeing someone talking about me like I'm a real person. Maybe since I live behind this computer screen for too long and start to feel like the disembodied words on your page instead of a singularity wearing a pair of hello kitty underwear I'd never show anyone since they're ridiculous/too delightful to be panties (bought them in target in socal, resupplying the weird selection of toiletries/"essentials" id packed in a 15 minute haste to make the last plane to knoxville socal)...

(my old babysitter had a monkees fetish, and a richie valens obsession. wed watch the monkees tv show in reruns when she watched my sister & me afterschool, and shed queue up "oh donna" and dance herself around the brown-carpeted livingroom in bare fee since, heaven knows her name was miss donna and the song was about her...)


So whiskeytown says he signed up for GamesGrid using my sn as a referrer ::blush:: I don't think I can get paid, either b/c of working w/ gg. It'd be kinda... weird :)

I don't get paid for writing this blog but wanted to have a way for links jumping from here to GamesGrid to show up on their logs somehow (attention whore!), and figured a banner (and since yesterday a textlink) would do the trick-- Didn't really think of the ramifications of anyone using my sn and me earning the 25% affiliate payments though :) (i am not only from socal with major gaps in reasoning and intellect, i also say "like" and "dude" way too much).

On the other hand, seems like I field/read more questions about negative rake than any other re: GamesGrid Poker's affiliate program-- because a lot of people are working off the 1,000% bonus and/or taking charge in the pay-to-play Very Frequent Player program, the rake GG takes in may be less than is being paid out in promotions... a la negative rake.

Which if whores think about, (i love my salacious overuse of the word whores, its somehow freeing to my feminist oldsoul)-- means over 100% rakeback.

Tell yall what, I've *always* wanted to donate to Heifer International -- they're an organization that "gifts" animals to poorer families around the world and teaches sustainable ways to end hunger... The cheapest thing to buy there is $10. If/when I earn over $10 thru those links I'll buy shares of a goat, buffalo, something and post the info here... Near to my heart would be the "knitting basket" gift (as im a compulsive yarn hoarder myself, but have almost zero finished projects to show for it and am currently contemplating a switch from stitch & bitch nation's drop-stitch vest to a pair of cherry tree hill supersocks... but who needs wool socks in july??) or... who knows. I've always loved the concept of it though. Anyway, over $10 from GG based on affiliate payments will buy a share of something (or a whole something) from Heifer International.

Kinda neat.

Anyhow, thanks whiskey :) Fwiw, GG just pushed new updates to the software server side, including a ticktock timer and waitlist list features on the lobbyfront, so I hope the new update wasn't weird cos of that... I'll try & wrench more info out of you to send on to support, they *love* when I bug them. Also, the vfp program is a good thing to check out as far as bonuses go on GG (if you're playing more than ten hours a week)-- this week's promotion for current vfp'ers is double vfp payments (3bb's/hour instead of 1.5bb's), promo changes every week but this one's pretty sweet :)

See you on the grid sometime,


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