Thursday, July 21, 2005

Poker and women.
Blogs, women's only events, oh my!

Women and poker.

Ah, everyone sits up a little straighter eh?

(I was going to write about my own last strip club trip, inspired by grubby's... can I hint: ensenada, no ingles, goalie poles instead of the sissy singles in the USA? laterlater skaters, I need to drink a little more and it be a little later in the day for that.)

But that's the fun of it, and the hook of it, and the female-ness of it. Hook in being female, I mean.

I saw Maudie's post about the best (wimmin) bloggers y WPC's ladies-only tourneys essay (and reminded of the RGP post from a few weeks ago: Women were disrespected in their WSOP event), and thought my penis-less strapon self should get in the mix.

First, I actually meant to email Toby and thank her for my inclusion on's women poker bloggers list. I was actually quite flattered (coworkers didn't appreciate my massemailing about it-type of flattered) and feel like a dunce since I hadn't yet. Still am flattered to be included, esp since I carry no HHs or advice/insight into the game whatsoever.

Second, I am staunchly opposed to equality feminism in all forms. I do consider and identify myself as a feminist, but the ladies who ask me what kind always get the goosebumps going. :) So there you go.

Finally, I've been kickbanned from WPC (full disclosure, I believe in).
Edit: I was NEVER banned from WPC nor asked to leave. I wrote this post streamofconsciously and shouldn't have left this in there. I did go on a self-imposed exile from WPC after a misunderstanding there, and I shouldn't have falsely hinted that I wasn't welcome back by anyone there. WPC had been my favorite poker forum to visit right up til I stopped reading it, (my link here about me saying WPC was my favorite place from a long time back)-- and is the nicest and most helpful bunch of people (not just women, but people) I've met online playing poker. (Think: bizarro Oddjack. ;)) I do want to apologize for any confusion on this and will write a new post about my editing this post, b/c I don't like the way it sounds and I didn't mean it to.

(5751 yodaphreaks sigh with relief as that syntaxmonster has already been slayed.)

Do I think women *need* women's only events? No, in the giant scope of it all, no. Do I think if women choose to play only with other women that it's a bad thing? Nope. Do I think they should have the right to make that choice if they want? Sure. So why would women/anyone want to elect to take away those choices, or deride women for making them? If it gets them to play, why not?

I guess I look at it from the perspective I take on almost everything: I think women are more interesting than men. Sorry. :) I guess I could rephrase it, I think women are more interesting when they are involved in primarily male-centered occupations/endeavors, and pay attention to them more closely b/c they are women. Sure they undoubtedly shine as bright if not brighter than men in several respects of their individual endeavors, but I'm paying attention because I want to support them and because ... I think women are more interesting than men. :) I just do, I keep deleting that but, kudos for honesty, eh?

Tell me of a woman tearing it up in any male-dominated anything & I'm there googling away. Cos I'm PULLING for her. Sh!t, I didn't even pay attention to the WSOP ME coverage til Ms Williamson was making a show dragging her feet along the way (and I'm glad she did since I kept Pauly on a tab & kept refreshing long after she'd been booted-- poker bloggers kick tech/poli bloggers arses, btw.)

And yeah, I actually pay more attention to women poker bloggers. I'm not even looking for naked poker chick pictures, I promise. I mean, if I see a female-sounding name on a poker blogroll, I'll be x times more interested in clicking in. Doesn't mean I'll stick around for joy, but it does capture my interest more readily than a similarly-situated (male-written) blog. Sorry, just trying to be honest and say why I enjoy highlights of women in's manner. (On the flip and something of cud: I read a lot of knitting blogs and many are dominated by women. I find myself x more interested when I find a male-knitting blog. Go figure.)

I know, poker doesn't *have* to be male-dominated... game of skill with no physical requirements etc. But, it is. So's math, science, upper eschelons of big business and management, younameitetcetc. So why not welcome women to play whereever they feel comfortable? If you don't want to play with them, fine-- but why not live y let live for women who choose (for a million valid reasons, and a thousand invalid ones) to orient themselves around women players?

[Sidebar: I also don't think that women who do not want to be berated for their sex while playing poker should just get better and beat men at "their own game." (My rehash of common "women playing poker" advice.) While I'm getting better, I should sit and soak up all the "bitch, etc." you can throw at me cos I've got different plumbing? I move when someone pees on transit, and I won't endure someone calling me sexist terms either. I just won't. The world's too big and I can go too far in it to have to take crap like that from strangers. I know a woman can enunciate "bitch" just as well as a man can, but does it sting/smack like it does coming out of xy's mouth? Nope. (do you see why? lol)

The thing is, my personal philosophy on it all... I don't have to stand for anything. I've got my right to vote, I've got my college degrees, I can greymatter wrestle with the best of em. I don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore-- incl. my ability to absorb sexist slurs if I don't want to. I *can* take it, but I *choose* not to. If that choice leads me to womens only events (doubt it, if I played in one it'd be cos I think I'd get a singular thrill playing w. so many other women)... so be it.]

So yay for women who play poker, be it in the WSOP ME, WSOP womens event, women only, men and women only ;), etcetc. Thanks again to Toby for thinking of me too... I've always enjoyed reading Tanya's/MissT74's blog if anyone's looking for another female poker player's blog who isn't listed at, too.

who wants nothing more than for someone to call me a bitch in my comments ;),
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