Tuesday, July 19, 2005

MSNBC - Motley Fool: Jump in, online poker's fine
Was the WPT fakeout a wakeup call?

My my, how the worms turn. The Motley Fool/MSNBC's latest online poker investing article is pretty rosy... Party's ipo is fairly valued "in an industry that's showing tremendous growth and popularity," and the two major hurdles that the online poker industry faces (that poker is a potential fad, and the quasi-illegal status of online poker in the US) are not ones that should hinder anyone willing to take the risk from talking to their brokers about investing in the London Stock Exchange-- namely, in online poker stocks.

So, the difference days make?

Although it wasn't mentioned except in passing, the jump the WPT stock(s) took two weeks ago has to have been an eyeopening experience (or, at least one confirming greed will jujitsu morality in a heartbeat) to US-based traders and the author of the article. Sure, the stocks ended Friday at less reflective of the $700m bid, but this was also after trading was halted and then resumed for the WPT stock-- it was frozen at $29.50, much closer to the supposed bid price, broken down to $34/share valuation if the $700 million figure is accurate. And who knows how high it may have gone had it not been capped off early and reintroduced later?

What the hell am I talking about?

That the online poker industry (again) has the attention of US-based investing houses and banks thanks to the WPT shenanigans. All of the surrounding poker hype in financial markets: Party Gaming's float and its moneyspewing onto the London market (buoying the FTSE, along w/ rising oil prices, to a 3-year high), the moneymoneyeverywhere-but not a drop for US banks singsong, and the quick reaction the market showed to Dolly's offhand, "number on a piece of paper" in an envelope (aka: the official bid for World Poker Tour brand) all lead up to a salivating US market on the end of that doj rope.

Were Brunson et al simply testing the waters to see the market's reaction to the possibilty and power behind the WPT brand (and as a figurehead for the overall market valuation of the poker meme as a whole?) Is this article a direct, if not attributed, reaction to the WPT bid? Can we expect to see more US-focused investment firms and information clearinghouses offer the suggestion to slip Party Gaming into their portfolios?

Who knows. [the illuminati does.]

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