Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Free Year Subscription to GamesGrid Backgammon
($80 value, no strings-- really.)
or, How I Got Banned from 2+2.

So I'll start with the good stuff...

GamesGrid is happy to invite all 2+2ers readers of aK's blog to play on GamesGrid backgammon. GamesGrid has been the leading site for professional backgammon since 1997. Over a dozen World Champions of backgammon play at GamesGrid.

The site normally charges $80 for a one year subscription, but during the month of July all
2+2ers readers of aK's blog are welcome to a free membership that is good for one year.

Readers of 2p2 aK's blog know that GamesGrid recently launched a new poker site and many 2+2ers readers of aK's blog have taken advantage of the 1,000% bonus offer. Money players will be able to play both backgammon and poker with the same bankroll. Likewise, a single nickname and password will work in both games.

To claim your free membership, simply send an email to support@gamesgrid.com

Subject line: 2+2 aK backgammon

In the message body text be sure to include...

GamesGrid nickname:
Email address:

Real name:

Street address:

If you don't yet have a GamesGrid nickname, then go to www.gamesgrid.com and download either backgammon or poker (or both) and you can create an account.

We look forward to welcoming some poker friends to the the backgammon club!

Now, you may ask yourself (how did i get here?) this isn't 2p2, so what the hell are you talking about?

1st: GamesGrid is cool enough to extend the free backgammon membership offer above to readers of my blog (it was originally for 2p2-iots), so I copied and pasted my 2+2 offer here & made the requisite changes. w00t. Follow the directions above, no money or 1st born child required. You don't have to even use my affiliate link if you don't already have a poker/backgammon account (though, if you do I'm donating all monies to Heifer International-- see my Whiskey inspired post for details.)

So go on, hook yourself up with a free BG membership on the grid, I'll wait :) It really is *the* place to play real-money backgammon online (Robertie sez so, and such comments on 2p2 were the inspiration for the offer in the 1st place), and even if you don't want to play *now,* the membership is good for a year and, who knows what you'll want in a year ;)

FWIW, I earn nothing (no commission, no etc.) if you sign up or not. I just think it's a really good deal with no strings attached, and am excited about it. Feel free to pass it along, since ... well, I think free is good.

2) I love a good story. Backstory, frontstory, whatever. Especially when someone's trying to sell give me something. So here's mine...

So the grid's been fielding a lot of BG questions from poker players, mainly from the Other Gambling Games forum and the Internet Gambling forum on 2+2. The awesome people at GamesGrid put together this "try me free" backgammon offer for 2p2'ers (can I reiterate, $80 value?! no playthru, raked hands, etc?!), and I go ahead and get permission from a zoo mod to post it and do. You know I like to be a tongue-in-cheeky monkey, so of couse I add my little bit at the end: "ps, mod already approved post, I win!"

I thought it was funny :)

Anyhow, apparently another mod didn't think so...


Great. [insert b!tch and moan here...] Even though every other new site with some 2p2 only promo can post their offers, and they don't bother asking anyone how okay it is and threads don't get locked cos, well (nobodylikesmeeverybodyhatesmeguessillgoeatworms) ... *mine* is the one that gets locked. Nonono... not locked, DELETED. The one offer that doesn't ask for raked hands, for real money deposits, etc.to be valid. And ja, the grid *does* run ads there too... not that it matters but everyone always has something to say about adspace there. [/end complaining]

I guess it's okay. I'm just disheartened that's all, glad to get my account back, ::grovelgrovel:: I went thru withdrawls, cos I'm hard like that.

[edit: heya matt, I *did* get unbanned :) sorry if that wasn't clear! ive been posting up  a dustbunnystorm in oot. yeah...]

So, thanks to that turn of that screw, a good offer was just festering away and I was able to convince the grid to let me post it here. Who knows, someone looking for bondage poker bunnies (this is getting way too specialized, googlegod) may like to play backgammon, too.

GamesGrid Poker (and Backgammon!)

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