Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Asia Carrera and poker.
Really, I found the missing link. Pics.

In honor of Ms Tilley's (aka: winner of women's event at the WSOP 2005) Tonite Show appearance on the 28th...

From Asia Carrera's site:

I was the body double for half-Asian star Jennifer Tilly in the movie "Fast Sofa." I had to get naked in a room with her first to get her approval, and we both turned red!

Don't say you don't learn anything here. Yes I had a good reason for hanging out on Ms Carrera's site-- looking for her email (not listed) so I can get the nerve to say hello. *gosh* (oh yeah, and to come play poker with me. i'd throw her a freeroll and everything ... GamesGrid now has private, password protected tournament abilities.)

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