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Lowlow content, don't say I didn't warn you

Batting cleanup.

1) Okay, can I still just say wow about the Brunson - WPT buyout offer? Insanity. If it works, world poker tour online'll have to be made available to US players to make it worth it (they're currently closed to US gamb00lers), and I don't know how they'd swing it being listed on the nasdaq and all... so its an interesting thing to watch, if only for the high valuation and power that will reverberate among online poker rooms from the positive press jump. I can't see the reasoning behind a 100% premium any other way, I mean... the dvd's are popular and all, but... :) Funny thing is, CNN Money called wpt a risk-no buy a few days ago [love this quote: So it looks like a decision to buy WPT now would be equivalent to calling before the flop with a 2-7 offsuit. In other words, a pretty foolish thing to do since that's the worst possible hand in poker.], and here the stock valuation jumped more than treble. Can you say, hammer?

Now I've got to think of a good dirty mean term for their online poker room. ::sigh:: Yes Virginia, this is how asia spends her Friday nites :(

2) Been reading a lot ever since my forced escapade to socal left me bereft of netflix. Since being there, I've read...

* good in bed (sister forced it on me, not bad-- i can say i get "chick reading" or "chick lit" or whatever they call those angst-ridden doorstops, no really, its enjoyable etc, but just... i dont get it. i think its cos ive been a tomboy for too long.
* the lilith's brood trilogy [dawn, adulthood rites, imago] from octavia butler again (i LOVE octavia butler & the series was a re-read for me)
* the jean auel "Earth's Children"/clan of the cave bear series. in so cal/OC there's a huge outdoor swap meet that a pair of my aunties dragged me to that boasted a HUGE used book tent that i bought armloads of books at, the series being some of those... my aunties *insisted* i buy them and im glad i did (on the last/5th one now, shelters of stone), but omigod can she talk more about his extraordinarily large "manhood" sinking into her warm, welcoming "well" any *more*? i guess its just... i dont read a lot of books w. sex thrown in the plotlines (ana

also bought zen & the art of motorcycle maint., song of solomon, king lear (folger ed), women who run with the wolves, ... a bunch more. gonna miss reading about jondalar's massive organ tho.

3) Ew, I just threw some weird bug with pincers coming out of its anus out the window when something struck me... The last time I caught a bug to get it out of my space I was talking to red (230am) and I went to the kitchen, got a plastic cup, caught it with the old sliding magazine-insert over the lip trick, and ran outside in my pjs for any drunkard/gutterpunk to stumble by and see me in... I thought about this when I was sliding the window closed & realized I should've just let it out the window like tonite instead of making an ass out of myself shivering in the cold...

Anyway, bugs. I have a deathfear of ants. Its something about the whole automaton, hivemind swarm thing, follow the secret scent trail master slave thing. Crawling around all 3-sectioned off and sh!t. Otherwise, I can really go hot or cold on my fear of bugs. Last boyfriend was bugkiller and I'd put up a terrible "ogodgetitawayfromme!!" thing, but being home alone I'd of course be able to do it myself without batting an eye (perhaps a few goosebumps, but that's it).

267 feminists have killfiled me cos of my badgirl admission just there.

4) So what's the deal on blogcomment etiquette? Is it, respond to questions in your own comment box? Email the comment spawner? Respond in a new post? Let it sit there & stew? (mm, stew-- i learned to make ropa vieja in pr last trip. moms 4th husband was named stu. thats it for my stew references today.)

5) Warning, low content, low value poker follows :) Been playing 20NL at GamesGrid lately, sat for four hours and made... $5. lolol. It's more for the fun of bs'ing with all of the microregulars at 1am PST than anything, and a chance to earn more Frequent Player Points (fpps) for entry into the single table shootouts that feed into the weekly $1000 tourney. I've played 8 of them so far, won 2 -- and the "entries" will bank so I can play next weeks as well as tomorrows. Surprising myself on the wins actually since I, well I suck really. :)

The fpp's are the same ones you win and clear the 1,000% bonus with, so ostensibly each is worth .20 -- so some lucky cats not named asia are going to split $1k for their efforts and twenty cents. Pretty badass, even not being me :)

Also been playing the nightly $500 guaranteeds-- placed 4th once, that's it. But you know me, slogging along every nite in one since I truly am a glutton for punishment. But, with only about say 60 or so ppl playing for $500, and the competition on the grid being what it is (- ak), its a good time to be had imo.

That's it. See, told you it was worth it to skip my lackluster poker entry :)

6) Bought an amazing face cleanser. Which sounds weird but I don't usually get excited about "products" etc (imma tomboy at heart, and have to *look* for makeup to put on since its usually buried under towels in the bathroom cabinets), but its awesome and I had to say so, somewhere. :) Its the tomato revitalizing face scrub from bath y body works... part of their b1g1f sale so 2/$16. If it were regular price there's no way I would have picked it up (cheapskate), but I totally would now except the 2 I have'll last a while, I think. No drying, no tightness, but I can see how great my skin feels when I look in the mirror. Has walnut shell powder so its got that scrub-y thing going on, but I can and do use it everyday and haven't had irritation from daily use like I have with other walnut shell facescrubs out there.

Anyway, for people who care, there you go. I actually got a large-ish sample from a kit I bought there, and this was my fav (though I think the pumpkin mask smells delcious and is a weekly treat for me now). Also love the white tea y ginger scented stuff; now my soaps/sprays/lotions have me and my pillows smelling sweet at nite. :)

I guess there was one upside to being stuck in socal for long-- being dragged to the mall by my sister (people in socal seem to go to the mall like, every week or so-- i cant remember the last time i went to one up here. its a kinda unfair comparison tho, there arent any afaik within 10 miles of here, not incl. sf...)
Anyway, that's enuf random splur for now.

I have an announcement to post, but want to be lazy and do it later. Stay tuned though, I have an $80 gift for yall (even you freakos who find this page searching for asia carrera and "email addresses for rich men in asia" (!!).)

Nite again,

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Brunson to buy out World Poker Tour (WPT)??
Forbes, Reuters, and NY Post article roundup...

Holy bartender!

NY Post article:

Doyle Brunson may be playing for the biggest pot of his life: the entire World Poker Tour.

Brunson, 71, said yesterday he and a team of financial backers have launched a $700 million cash offer to purchase WPT Enterprises, which owns the popular World Poker Tour.

The unsolicited bid is a 100 percent premium over WPT's close yesterday at $17.75.

But details of the bid are sketchy

Brunson, in Las Vegas where he is playing in the World Series of Poker, was long on plans on what he would do with the property if the takeover was successful but was a bit short on details of the offer itself.

He confessed yesterday to knowing little about the timing of the bid or if it was truly submitted.

In fact, he was surprised when a reporter told him it was an all-cash deal.

Well, if that is what it says," Brunson said, referring to a press release put out by his New York publicist that contained as few details about the deal as did Brunson.

An assistant to Brunson refused to identify the backers. She said the group's lawyer, Chaka Henry, of the Las Vegas law firm of Goodman & Chesnoff, FedEx'd the offer to WPT on July 6.

A spokeswoman for West Hollywood, Calif.-based WPT said late yesterday that the company did, indeed, receive an offer.

Steven Lipscomb, president of WPT, through the spokeswoman, said "We do not feel [the offer] is reflective of the true value of World Poker Tour Enterprises. We will share it with the board of directors. We look forward to hearing what they have to say."

The World Poker Tour is a ratings hit on the Travel Channel, was out of the office an unavailable for comment.

WPT went public on Aug. 4, 2004, at $8 a share and quickly rose to a high of $24.40 last month.

The World Poker Tour is credited with helping further spread interest in card-playing among all precincts of Americans.

For example, there is now The World Series of Poker on ESPN, dozens of poker cruises, a new poker show to debut on CBS, Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo, Casino Royale on the Game Show Network and Poker Superstars on Fox.


Courtesy of Forbes...

WPT Enterprises Inc., known for its televised World Poker Tour tournaments, confirmed Friday that it received an unsolicited offer to purchase the company for $700 million.

WPT shares shot up $8.75, or 49.3 percent, to close at $26.50 on the Nasdaq, after setting a new 52-week high of $29.50 earlier in the day. The company's majority owner, Lakes Entertainment Inc., also saw its shares soar $3.24, or 22 percent, to close at $18.09 on the Nasdaq.

WPT, which launched its initial public offering last August, said it is trying to verify the credibility of the offer, which does not include specific terms.

Earlier today, a New York Post article disclosed that poker star Doyle Brunson, 71, and a team of backers launched a $700 million bid to acquire WPT. The offer, rumored to be an all-cash deal, would value WPT Enterprises at double the stock's Thursday closing price of $17.75.

The company recently launched an online gambling site with real-money poker and other casino games. In February, WPT signed a licensing agreement with video game publisher Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. to develop games based on WPT's World Poker Tour television program.

WPT's show, which is broadcast on Discovery Communications' Travel Channel, is not affiliated with the World Series of Poker tournament, which is run by Harrah's Entertainment Inc.


Reuters' article:

NEW YORK, July 8 (Reuters) - U.S. poker icon Doyle Brunson has launched a $700 million cash bid for WPT Enterprises Inc. (WPTE.O: Quote, Profile, Research), which owns the popular World Poker Tour television show, the New York Post reported on Friday.

The unsolicited bid, made by Brunson with a team of financial backers, offers a 100 percent premium over WPT's closing price of $17.75 on Nasdaq on Thursday, the newspaper said.

On the Inet electronic trading system on Friday, WPT shares surged 48.5 percent to $26.35.

The New York Post said WPT confirmed it had received an offer but quoted co-founder and Chief Executive Steven Lipscomb as saying he did not think the offer was "reflective of the true value" of the West Hollywood, California-based company.

WPT Enterprises, which was founded in March 2002, went public in August last year at $8 a share, rising to a high of $24.40 last month.

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