Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You spin me right round baby, right round...
Rotating tables and toggling sound options, now available at GamesGrid Poker

Nothing's sexier than a big software push. :)

(Well, I'd usually disagree with myself, but this one is pretty sexy. Especially a server side one, meow.)

GamesGrid Poker now has "sit where you want" rotating tables - table seating. Too freaking cool, I've been rotating myself and unsuspecting gridders around the tables for hours now, and I'm the only dizzy one. Please, call me puppetmaster and pull my chain.

Oh yeah, an option to toggle sounds (on, off, critical only) also implemented in "settings" tab in lobby server as well. See, sexie pushing all around.

That's all for now :) Go try spinning the tables around-- you don't need to sit, or even have an account, to spin me right round (like a record baby right round round round...)

GamesGrid Poker (and Backgammon!)

**Free year subscription to GamesGrid Backgammon, $80 value!**

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