Thursday, May 05, 2005

Challenge: use the phrase "poker metaidea" in a sentence.
Poker skins cleaning house and player rolls; ipo wishes and metaphor dreams

The silver lining to having a backlog of info is that its like actually waiting for christmas instead of christmas eve-- lots of stuff to share that's cool, even if it may be a week old.

There's a lot of talk about roman/state (wlo skin) freezing player accounts, kicking beloved bonuswhores to the curb... Everyone sees it as a reaction secondary to rs' relationship to wlo, since wlo has cracked the whip on rakebackers-- but no one's talking about the fact its float season and rs wants to jump on the bandwagon, as well. (Firepay too!) Taking a cue from wlo, rs seems to be binging and purging its rosters of the bloat that violates T&C's re: rakeback and multiaccounts (and maybe of players that ::gasp:: cost them money) before seeing if she'll sink or swim in the waters of the London AIM.

All this may be truer than just a wholesale "all skins are falling down!" claim, but it doesn't help the whores any.

More interesting than that is the metaidea of poker and attendant metawhatfors wedging their ways into mainstream media. Filibustering as American as apple pie y Texas Hold Em. Poker teaches me everything I need to know about investing, a la Puggy Peterson and fund investors at CNN Money. And wlouk uses the images of uk politicos in its advertising ... though poor old Esquire USA's feeling the heat for running the b!tch's poker "tutorial" a few months ago.

What a difference an ocean makes... (and the difference is you...)

Next post, all puerto rico all the time.


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Hand histories now available on GamesGrid Poker
(nt, not much anywho)

Hand histories now available on GamesGrid Poker, see your cashier for text files that can be butterslid into poker tracker and flopped canola side up with poker tracker guide.

That's all :)


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