Friday, August 05, 2005

Private, password protected tourneys on GamesGrid.
(or, how to sneak out for a long lunch!)

Sh, don't tell anyone but I'm supposed to be working.

Anyone want to help me out with something? Know anyone who may be interested in hosting private, password protected tourneys (buyins, freerolls) on GamesGrid? We are the exclusive home to Dealer's Choice and now Kansas City Lowball online, and we're spreading them for private tourneys. Also the old (NL)HE standby, always-a-bridesmaid Omaha and cousin once removed Stud.

poker illuminati staged marriages fo sho.

Feel free to pass my email on or contact me yourself if you're interested in the grid's private tourneys. No Very Frequent Player (VFP) status required, no point requirements/accumulation like some places, no minimum player requirements, etc. If you're an affiliate and the private tourneys sounds interesting, I'd love to talk to you too.

GamesGrid has (insanely) made me the go-to-gal for this, and I had such a fun time with KotoD's KCL last nite that I thought I'd throw that out there.


that's all. and im going to sneak out for a long walk in the sun. (shh!)

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Poker blogger cannabalism! Big brother is watching the poker blogs!
or, aK gets a job with the weekly world (poker) news.

Bleh. Exausted as usual, and bummed as all fark.

Bill's thown down the sabre on Oddjack (I prattled on too unimaginatively in his comments there, sorry) but you know what's sadder than poker bloggers cannabalizing themselves?

That I have fewer subscribers than Poker Filter and Oddjack. Numbers kinda count tho I know they shouldn't... I mean, Bill's going on about how puny their numbers are and... argh. (This is when drinking and blogging do not a good post make.) I'm bummed to think I'm "screaming into the void." (I don't read the pokerpages bloggers since they don't have RSS. Anyone else feel the same way?)

I just look at my referrer lists and still have several days with "malabrigo yarn" (im waiting for a boatload of merino for some fat winter knitting!), "asia carrera" and "bondage fairies" dominating any sort of anyone interested in poker information and, ... like I said, argh. Kinda bums me out, seeing as I dump a lot of time into this (more than I should, and its all freetime too.) Maybe I should return to knitting posts so I won't feel bad about it and actually have something of substance when I'm done. (I do have a new project that's almost finished I'll be taking pics of..)

But, to wash that blve right out of my hair-- If you're reading me on a news aggregator, click onto my blogsite and check out my "topsites poker blogs link" on the left hand side. And yall who come and pop in check it out there on your right, too. Basically, if you're a poker blogger, pay attention please! :) I think you'll like it.

My new con mucho gusto buddy from CardClubs Network (the site that hosts Lord Admiral Radio's forum and a neat site to boot) has a script you can add to your poker blog that will track your traffic hits alongside other poker blogs and will serve as a pretty rockstar backbone to a poker blogroll complete with visitors stats, etc. I dig it and have it up there -----> even though if some of the Poker Illuminati add it to their blogs mine again will shrinkingviolet (youre turning violet, violet!) in comparison.

I like it as a sort of "pulse of the poker blogosphere" idea; a power in numbers sort of thing. And that a poker blogroll that I can track new additions and bumps in readership quite easily will be created as a side-product-- I like poker bloggers who would take the initiative to be innovative enough to add themselves to the community and to a blogroll like this and I want to know about them and I want to add them to my news aggregator. I believe in solidarity among us all, live y let live... this jives with that.

Then again, I'm a sandal wearing hippie from Berkeley, so don't listen to me too closely.

Both are something I dig (pulse of poker blogosphere y uber interactive poker blogroll touting power in numbers), so if you're a poker blogger please take a look at CardClubs Network's TopSite Poker Blog Script, and you can see what it looks like on the right hand side of your screen if you're reading this from my url. Maybe get some word of mouth under it and link it on your blog.

[/end service announcement]

(I want to make out to "50 ways to leave your lover" right about now...)

Instead I will drag my tired eyes over Pauly's strippper post again (yes, I am that hardup) and then drag my bum to bed. Nite all...

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My apologies to WPC. I suck, and I'm sorry (again).

Finally, I've been kickbanned from WPC (full disclosure, I believe in).

Edit: I was NEVER banned from WPC nor asked to leave. I wrote this post streamofconsciously and shouldn't have left this in there. I did go on a self-imposed exile from WPC after a misunderstanding there, and I shouldn't have falsely hinted that I wasn't welcome back by anyone there. WPC had been my favorite poker forum to visit right up til I stopped reading it, (my link here about me saying WPC was my favorite place from a long time back)-- and is the nicest and most helpful bunch of people (not just women, but people) I've met online playing poker. (Think: bizarro Oddjack. ;)) I do want to apologize for any confusion on this and will write a new post about my editing this post, b/c I don't like the way it sounds and I didn't mean it to.

Crow Eating Time.

(no, not my belated tour de france post.)

I need to apologize to Womens Poker Club -- its members, admins and mods -- for the above (edited) post I made a week or so ago in my "women and poker" blahblahblah fest. I didn't intend for the above to say or mean that I was banned from WPC; I should have taken more care in editing and posting. As I said above, I've never been asked to leave WPC and my account there is still active.

It was a bad, failed and half assed attempt at cheek and also my way of hiding the embarrassment I felt at not returning to WPC after a long time. (I almost logged in the day I wrote the women & poker post, but I don't think I did.) I felt that in what happened to make me not want to re-log in, I was responsible for-- I was a good deal in the wrong (in a naive wrong way, not an intended or deliberately wrong way), and that embarrassment kept me from logging into WPC long after I should have.

I owe WPC & everyone who got the impression I was asked to leave/removed from Womens Poker Club an apology for my misstatement. As I say in my edited copy post above, WPC has some of the most supportive people playing poker online among its ranks. It runs a "Fresh Poker Faces" league for new women poker players to get their bearings in, and the club works hard to bring events to its memberships and advances the "cause" of women playing poker a great deal with the commitment to its player base and membership.

I suck. And I'm sorry. Again.



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