Sunday, April 17, 2005

Tax Day Protest Goes Well

Honking horns, raised fists, thumbs-up signs, and a few hearty laughs were some of the positive reactions to the Guilford LP's tax day protest at the main branch of the post office in Greensboro on Friday.

The highlight of the protest was Sarah Walt and Allison Jaynes, who donned a donkey head and an elephant head and held signs reading, "Give me your money," and, "Give me your rights," along with mock pistols.  As one motorist surveyed the Demopublican mascots, he muttered, most contemptuously, "Yeah, I hate those..." followed by a few choice words for the ruling parties. 

Tom and Jess Bailey held "No IRS" signs against a stubborn wind, while Paul Elledge and Jack Wyatt passed out million-dollar bills which inform readers about out-of-control government spending and how the Libertarian Party is working to stop the madness.

Early on a news reporter asked Paul Elledge a few questions and said he'd put the group on the news, but, as usual, we ended up getting no press.  After all, protesting income taxes is something that will resonate well with a great many voters, and the press doesn't typically choose to portray us in a positive light.

We did have a couple of minor scares.  At one point a policewoman stopped in the road in front of us, turned on her blue lights, and examined us for several moments before driving off.  Later a man from the post office, apparently a manager of some kind, approached us and said, a bit guardedly, "Now, you all are gonna be peaceful and not start any trouble, aren't you?"  Since we had given no indication that we intended to cause any trouble, we considered this a bit uncalled for.

But what else can you expect in the era of the PATRIOT Act and free-speech zones?

All in all, however, everything went wonderfully.  Hopefully we planted a seed with a few voters.

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