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Daily Permalink Thursday, September 19, 2002

Thanks to the DotNetGuy for helping me fix my BR tags. There are only a few minor nits left with the validator, and those will be hard to fix due to how Radio works (check out the W3C validator and put my page in it, and you'll see them). None of these issues should keep anyone from seeing my site, so I'm not too concerned.

Well, for the first time, I feel I really understand what's going on in the HTML here. The fonts are more accessible too. I don't know why, but Bryan Bell picked hard-coded font sizes (in the CSS style sheet I use they are all set in "px" sizes). I switched them to be relative sizes (I switched all the "px" to "em" and adjusted the sizes so that they look good in IE 6.0 on Windows). I wonder how they look on the Mac?

One nice thing is that now you can adjust all my font sizes. Compare my fonts to, say, Sean Gallagher's Radio site (it looks like we're using the same theme, but mine has been heavily modified). Anyone interested in more? I'll write more if anyone is interested. If, as I suspect, my mom is the only one reading this, then I won't bother.

I have no more font tags. Things are getting cleaned up around here. Yesterday Jason ripped me a new one (hey, I deserved it) for having weird nested divs. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with having nested divs?

The W3C Validator is getting happier!

Why is it barfing on my closing br tags? Hmmm. I must not be doing those right.

Dori's right. I don't work for the projector division of NEC, although I agree they are cool projectors. She also says that some cell phones work on cruise ships. Dang, there goes the ability to get away from the boss.

Yeah, I'm working on my blogroll for the first time. It'll start getting longer. I read a LOT of weblogs and things and it's hard to keep them all straight.

Crazy meal day today. Had lunch with Olivier Garbe, founder of Winnov. He showed me some killer stuff for the security and presentation markets, but I told him I'd keep it quiet until they were ready to ship later in the year. Yet another small company that's doing cool stuff. Who said that Silicon Valley is dead? Oh yeah, the stock market did. We're all dead, it says. Below 8000, huh? I've been watching it lately. Everytime it goes down to this level, it bounces back up. It'll be interesting to see if it does it again. I think I'll buy some stock.

I had a nice breakfast with Neil Bauman, founder of Geek Cruises. I'm so jealous of Neil's lifestyle. Hang out with geeks in exotic places. Not a bad life.

He says that his attendance is going up because word is getting around that his attendees actually learn more on a cruise than they would if they went to a traditional conference (or paid for training in house). Why is that? No cell phones or beepers (although they have 802.11 on many cruises). Also, all the speakers are forced to stay on the boat with the attendees, so there are geeky conversations late into the night.

He says he's still fighting the perception, though, that cruises are boondoggles. Hell, aren't most conferences? At least this way you know that your employees probably went to most of the sessions (well, they certainly didn't get off the boat).

I am hoping to get NEC to help sponsor his cruises. After all, we have a laptop that can be used in full sunlight. Heh.

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