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Daily Permalink Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I'm starting to write my nupitals. All I can come up with are:

"Do you promise to keep the 802.11b network up and running?" "I do."

"Do you promise to never let the VCR blink '12:00' for more than 24 hours?" "I do."

"Do you promise to keep all operating systems up to date and free of viruses?" "I do."

"Do you promise to only talk about geeky or work topics at parties for less than 25% of the time?" "I do."

"Do you promise not to try to answer email or search Google in bed?" "Sorry, can't promise that, what the heck is a WiFi network for anyway?"


I'm looking forward to seeing Clay Christensen next week at this Harvard Business School event. Anyone else going?

Interesting. Here at NEC, we have an ex-executive who used to work at Tivo. Even he doesn't know what kind of equipment I need to get the Farsi channels (hey, not many Americans care). But, he says to get the Sony version of Tivo integrated with a satellite dish. He also says he's met the executives from DirectTV and DISH and based on getting to know both, he says definitely go with DirectTV. So, I'm going in that direction. Anyone know if DirectTV's dish can get signals from Telstar 5?

Well, I've figured out that most of the Farsi TV programs are broadcast on Telstar 5. Supposedly for free, but I'm not sure -- the listings I've found on Google make it very confusing. For instance, here's one. I'm very frustrated by the various Web sites that don't explain anything about what you need to get. Can I get these channels if I get a Philips DSR-6000 system? Many assume you're already a hard-core satellite user. I wonder how many people get frustrated by the computer industry the same way. What's a MHz? Heh.

Cool, there's an Interactive TV Weblog. I wish there was someone who could explain all the different satellite dish choices. The .NETGuy told me to get the Philips DSR-6000 integrated Tivo system. Looks most excellent. Now, once you decide on hardware, what programming to get? It's amazingly difficult to find good reviews too, on Google. I can see that many consumers are massively confused by this product category and are probably easily swayed by store salespeople.

I'm moving this weekend, which means I need to get cable or a satellite dish. I hate cable, so I'm looking for a Dish and a PVR (Personal Video Recorder, ala Tivo). Any recommendations? One weird concern. We want to get all the Persian/Farsi channels out there. Are they all free? Anyone know? I found some lists of free Persian satellite channels out on Google, but I'm not sure what I need to get these.

I see over on John Robb's Weblog that people are recommending the Dish 501. Is that the best at the moment? Why? I guess I got some homework to do.

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