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Daily Permalink Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Yet more proof that the recording industry has gall when they call us theives.

Wedding ettiquette, from Margaret Berry of the Morning News. Good stuff, seeing as my second wedding is one month away.

RageBoy's mind is still on sex, if I'm reading the imagery he posted today right. Heh.

Glenn just posted that he's up for a blogger breakfast tomorrow. Any other takers? How about meeting at 8 a.m. at the lobby of the Santa Clara Westin? If you wanna call me, my cell phone is 408-314-8233.

Glenn Fleishman is blogging from O'Reilly's OS-X conference too. Hopefully I'll get to meet him.

Hey, anyone see the new Ultrasound machine from GE? Man, the quality of ultrasound images sure are getting better.

I swear, dealing with Noment Networks was the nicest DSL setup experience I've ever had. They met me at my house exactly when they said they would. They set it up. It works way better than my PacBell DSL did. I didn't need to load any goofy software. Wow.

Divergent Lines Photos from the Nikon DPReview forum's participants. I love photography.

By the way, the Nikon forum runs challenges like this one on a regular basis. Here's the info.

Dave: you are in control of the fonts, not the site's designer (Dave's bothered by someone's font size again). Tip: use your wheel mouse. Hold "Ctrl" key down and then finger your wheel. You'll see the font size zoom in and out. By the way, Dave has set his browser to the non-default "small" font size. If you don't use defaults, expect non-professional Web designers to screw you.

Reminds me, though. I still gotta fix my DIVs and fonts here. Someday. Someday.

Here's part of NEC's strategy (link to Network World's Fusion Newsletter). One thing we're trying to do to ride out the recession (er, recessions) is to provide software solutions along with hardware. Hardware, if you don't know, is now a commodity and has almost no margin to live on. Hell, look at Viewsonic. Yesterday they announced a $299 PocketPC. I know the cost of goods on their unit and it sure doesn't leave much left at the end of the day. So, how do you survive in a market where every company is willing to sell devices for nearly what they cost? Add value, of course (translation: do something that the competitors aren't able to do on their $5 a unit profit margins). Speaking of which, doesn't everyone see that Palm is dying a slow death due to Microsoft's PocketPC strategy?

I like Carlos Santana. I gotta check his new stuff out. This quote in today's Mercury News caught my eye:

"It was a bad day when we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima," Carlos Santana says, shaking off a question about his feelings about the World Trade Center attack. "Why do we only feel our pain? We should feel the whole global pain."

You know, I think it's funny that people expect to get something for nothing. I hate entitlement. Just cause Google listed you high yesterday doesn't entitle you to that spot forever. If you want to be listed high, buy an ad. Otherwise, just keep doing things people like. Us Webloggers will find you. Believe me we will.

Personally, I hope Google keeps screwing with its algorithm. Keep us from figuring it out. When we can figure it out, the spammers will push all legitimate sites down and ruin the index for everyone.

My questions of the day: "should I have a bachelor party before I get married on November 2? If so, what should I do?" Note: my future wife reads this weblog, so let the shit fly. :-)

Gnome-girl wants to be invited to a Blogger Dinner. Damn. With pictures like this I'd think she'd have dates lined up for the next nine months or so.

Hey, you Dave's have it OK. I'm the number 90 "Robert" on Google.

I pretty much own "Scoble" though, even though I don't own, which is a business site and not about Scoble at all.

Iranian film director kept out of U.S.

Did I mention I'm marrying an Iranian woman? Hey, let the women in, but keep the men out. Makes it easier for us geeky Americans to get dates. Heh.

Good morning OS-X lovers!

I hear a whole bunch of you have invaded my neighborhood. Anyone at the O'Reilly conference want to get together for dinner?

If not, I'll be at the blogger dinner on Thursday evening in Cupertino after the Harvard Business Conference.

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