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Daily Permalink Wednesday, October 16, 2002

OK, since I'm not gonna pay $500 a ticket to go to the World Series, how about a weblogger party? Leave a comment here if you're interested in a weblogger World Series party somewhere in Silicon Valley, California. If more than five people post, I'll figure out the details.

Unix Girl works at and has the latest info on why most Giants fans couldn't get into the Web site today to buy World Series tickets. You know, this is why I love weblogs. How long would it usually take to get this kind of information? Days? Weeks? If ever. Thanks, this makes me feel a lot better, although I wish our Internet systems were better designed for peak loads like this (or, at least, give us better error messages).

I would prefer that we have a different system. Enter your name in a database. Then have a random drawing. That'd save the traffic spike on these servers at 10 a.m.

It only took a few hours, but now someone is offering sex for World Series tickets. Here's the posting (which I'm sure will be pulled off of Craig's List within minutes): "Hi. I'm a huge Giants fan. I'm so desperate to get to go to the 3 games in SF, that I'm willing to do anything. I'm 26, 5ft 6 110lbs blonde and have a nice tone body. I work out 5x a week. I'd prefer to go w/ the same guy for all 3 games. In return, I'll do anything w/ you after the game. So basically, you take me to 3 games, and you can have me for 3 nights. Serious replies only. Also, you must be 55 years or younger. I'm not going to do it w/ an old guy. Sorry. Jen"

Jake beat me on Craig's List. Amazing that people will sell tickets without waiting for a bunch of bidders. Shit, and I was gonna offer him $300 each.

Hey, Unix-Girl has a connection at Hmmm. Good to hear the servers never went down. Update: She's a software engineer over at Cool. The only thing I wish for is better information. Especially when you finally get through to the server only to get kicked back into hell.

The folks hanging out on the Giants' own forum are wondering if anyone got through? Maybe employees at just scooped them all up and screwed the rest of us poor souls. I see tickets are going for $1000 a piece over at EBay. Sorry, I'm staying home and partying with friends. $1000 buys a lot of Tequila. I agree with the fans, though. This system sucks!

Ahh, the SF Giants Web page finally gets updated. Officially sold out now.

Oh, and the Giants page does not yet reflect that tickets are now sold out. Why is their webmaster torturing all the fans? The pages still aren't loading fast, so I know thousands of people are still clicking madly hoping they can score a ticket.

By the way, Craigs List Ticket Page is my favorite scalpers' hangout. Or, at least it's my favorite place to find people like me who are begging for tickets. Like this guy. Oh, and I totally agree that sucks. I did get to the "buy tickets" page three times, but each time I clicked purchase tickets it put me back into an error page that kept refreshing. Not a good experience at all. Big events will continue to happen and it just isn't a good way to sell tickets this way. I wonder if anyone wrote a script to try to get through.

I wanna go to the World Series. I'll pay $300 for any ticket, including standing room only. is where I'm at.

By the way, I know about 10 people who were trying to get through. None were successful.

Interesting report from the World PC Expo in Japan. Too bad I can't read it, but there's some cool Tablet photos and a cool virtual keyboard made by NEC.

I just got through on the phone. All tickets for the World Series are now sold out. I didn't get any.

I'm trying to get through to buy World Series tickets and the server is down and the phones are busy. I guess getting tickets is like winning the lottery.

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