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Daily Permalink Thursday, October 03, 2002

I think I got the font thing finally licked. Thanks to the .NETGuy. If anyone wants my style sheet, I'll happily share. It's starting to get there.

One problem: my stuff doesn't look the same in Opera, Netscape 7, and IE. It looks the best in IE. Oh well. Got more to learn.

Hey, my fonts are finally following Mark's accessibility guidelines. Now that I'm closer than Microsoft to a standards-based, accessible Web site, I think I'll go to the Blogger Dinner tonight.

Please stay tuned. I'm tweaking the design here.

Zeldman talks about's redesign. What a lame Web team they have working over at Microsoft. What, you guys still using FrontPage? Geesh. Don't you care about standards? Don't you care about delivering the best possible experience for IE6 users? Don't you care about accessibility? I guess not. You know, tons of Web designers are out of work. Why doesn't Microsoft fire this team and get someone who understands the Web of 2002?

I'm back at NEC after spending the morning listening to Clay Christensen and Andy Grove. I decided not to blog it, cause Denise Howell and Kevin Marks are both doing an excellent job of giving you the blow-by-blow. Instead, I was looking at the conference a little differently.

What were people wearing? Answer: overwhelmingly suits. Whoa. This is Silicon Valley. I thought. I must be in a different planet. Then I looked at "am I learning anything that I can take back and help my employer?" Answer: no and maybe.

Sorry, but did Andy Grove or Clay Christensen tell me anything radical? Did they tell me whether the stock market would go up or down tomorrow? Did they tell me how to help increase NEC's sales?


Yeah, I learned a few things that I'll probably regurgitate on my weblog over the next few weeks. But, most of us go to these kinds of things expecting to hear "the next big thing" or "here's something you need to be aware of."

I'm scared by the Venture Capitalists, though. They sure didn't sound like they have any clue what is coming next. One even said something like "I don't wanna hear about ideas that are gonna change the world." And, I wasn't suprised to see that no one really took on the fact that most of the people in this room are way overpaid for what they do. Well, Andy Grove did say that getting 20 million shares of stock is over the top.

We don't want to take on the problem because we all are hoping to become the next Andy Grove. There still is greed and wanton in the valley. It makes me ill. I'd rather sit in the back and do my work.

By the way, I love the new world. Drop in 802.11 and I can answer customers and keep working even while I'm at a conference. Halley deserves a big kudo for getting this done (she's one of the conference organizers and has a great attitude -- she also deserves kudos for recognizing that bloggers would get Harvard Business Conferences good Google coverage.

I'm at the Harvard Business conference too today. Sitting next to some really cool people. More to come later.

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