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Daily Permalink Friday, February 14, 2003

Speaking of the NEC Tablet, anyone want to meet on Monday night and have a look for yourself? I'm thinking of getting something together on Monday afternoon or evening in Palo Alto. If you're interested, leave me a note in my comments or send me email at

Ernie the Attorney says "Tivo changed my life."

TabletPCTalk has started the countdown: four days until NEC announces its new Tablet.

By the way, having gotten a sneak peak inside both Microsoft's and Apple's bowels in the past few months, I am gonna say on the record that the PC is not dead (apologies to Scott McNealy and Larry Ellison). Why do I say that? Because both Apple and Microsoft will release more new and updated products in the next three years than in the past six. It's going to be an amazing period for PC fans. Of course, is a Tablet without a keyboard a PC? Hmmm.

While I was at Microsoft, I got the same tour that Paul Thurrott got. I saw the "war room" where they decide whether or not to ship Windows and saw the infrastructure that compiles (and distributes) Windows. You know, it's really weird to see a set of computers that are working on the software that hundreds of millions of machines will use over the next two decades. I thought about writing about the war room and the tour, but Paul has done a much better job than I could. Oh, it takes dozens of computers five hours to compile an entire copy of Windows (and, right now, they are doing it every day for the next version of Windows that'll be released). It's an amazing tour and I'm happy to have been one of the few humans who's gotten a personal look at how Windows is built.

I see MSN is beta testing new search features. Come back when you're better than Google, sorry.

OK, I'm back from Microsoft and about all I can say is "moo." It's an inside joke, really, (all the Longhorn MVPs were mooing big time yesterday -- I think I "moo'd" 50 times, at least) but since the next version of Windows is code-named Longhorn, you can put two-and-two together. Here's a hint: "moo" is good. Very good. Why is that the only thing I can say? It's the only thing they explicitly told us wasn't covered under the NDA we signed. Oh, and I have this really cool fleece pullover that has a Longhorn logo on it.

They did say I could tell you one other thing. Longhorn is the name of a bar that's between Whistler and Blackcomb ski resorts. Just to put to rest where the code name came from.

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