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Daily Permalink Thursday, February 20, 2003

CNN actually has the best article on the Iran crash I've seen so far. By the way, why are webloggers totally ignorning the Iran crash? If the crash happened here, we'd see tons of news about it. We cried over seven astronauts, but we don't talk at all about 300 people dying (especially people with political, religious, and military connections?)

No wonder we're seen abroad as dangerous.

I can't even find an article on the crash on the San Jose Mercury News' web site, which is weird, given that thousands of Iranian-Americans live here in Silicon Valley and are hungry for details of the crash. My wife's family says that the news of the crash is really hard to get, even in Iran. I noticed that the Farsi-language TV channel here didn't cover it at all last night.

The New York Times (our nations' greatest newspaper) also only has one paragraph in its article about the crash: "The Revolutionary Guards were formed shortly after the overthrow of the shah and the formation of an Islamic republic in 1979 as defenders and protectors of the Islamic government. They also serve as border guards and report to the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei." -- nothing about the role they played in Iranian society. Nothing about how so many Iranian Americans hate their guts.

Here's how MSNBC is playing the Iranian air crash. No explaination of who the elite Republican Guards are.

I find it interesting that the media still hasn't reported the role that the Iranian "elite Republican guards" played in Iranian society (these were the folks who died in Iran's largest air crash to date. These guys are jerks, and no one has picked up on that so far. Why? Here's the latest from the BBC which has just one paragraph to explain who the guards are and what role they played in Iranian society: "The force, which was formed soon after the overthrow of the Shah and the creation of the Islamic republic more than 20 years ago, is seen as a staunch defender of Iran's Islamic regime."

When you name something "elite" and "Republican Guards" you need to go more in depth than just one paragraph. How can any American get an idea of what these folks do? (My wife says they are the religious police and enforce cultural laws -- particularly against women inside Iran). For more, ready my posts from last night.

Does your boss weblog? Alan Meckler, CEO of Jupiter Media does. Very interesting. I'll bet his conference has 802.11 way before Comdex ever figures it out. I haven't had to attend a Comdex for four years and I count my blessings every year I don't need to go. All the Jupiter Research Analyst Weblogs are great. I wish they'd write even more.

One thing my boss's boss noticed: "hey, all those weblog posts have time stamps." Yum, yes, they do, I answered, while also pointing out that I only blog from home.

It's been a while since I pointed to VBWire. This is the best place to learn about new things for Visual Basic programmers.

Any webloggers going to the DevConnections conferences (they have four conferences: ASP.NET, VS.NET, SQL Server, and Windows)? I'd love to know for a project I'm doing.

Meg says "beware the false blog software" [from Microsoft]. Meg is right on, but the Microsoft-centric community is doing the real thing anyway, no matter what Microsoft is doing. Have you seen the Erablog set of weblogs? They have all the blog goodies -- all written with Microsoft .NET.

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