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Daily Permalink Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Hanan Cohen sent along this link, which shows common browser stats (look at right of page).

Every reader is now an editor, as Anita shows in my comments. And they say webloggers don't get corrected. Oh, but I get to correct Anita's link. Here's the correct link.

Richard Tallent lays out a compelling future for Internet apps. Then he asks "Scoble, am I close?"

I am gonna hide behind the NDAs on this one. There's just too much to Longhorn to say whether or not this is close to what 2005+ will look like. See ya in late October!

Test of FM Radio. I just downloaded FM Radio and am testing it out to see what it does. Very nice interface!

Gnomedex is less than a month away. I gotta start making plans. I see that Beth Goza's husband is bringing a Segway. Cool. Can I fall off of it like President Bush did?

Greg Fee. Looks like another cool technical .NET blog from inside Microsoft. Today Greg is writing about the security ramifications of reflection.

J-Walk: "'Robert Scoble is a popular blogger, and he was recently hired by Microsoft as an "Evangelist." I put that term in quotes because I happen to think it's a ridiculous term -- not to mention a ridiculous job title."

Loren is looking for a nice camera for a Tablet PC. I want one too. Just like what is described.

Peter Provost just reported that Dare Obasanjo has taken over Chris Anderson's blogx project.

Chuq Von Rospach has a nice marketing-centric weblog. Lots of interesting essays.

Ooppss, I'm down to 16 readers now. Peter unsubscribed, saying "Scoble talks too much."

The New Zealand Herald's Chris Barton: "Praise the PC god and Linux open-source apostles, I'm a believer." Of course, note it took not one, but TWO evangelists to get him to believe! Heh.

And, another desktop bar (SmartBarXP). Whew. Any other bars out there?

Here's another desktop sidebar, this one from TechCritic.

Here's a program to add words to the Tablet PC dictionary.

A guy I know is looking for Japanese, Korean, or Chinese Tablet PC users. If you're one, let me know, either in the comments here, or via email.

Here's a list of third-party .NET languages.

Doug Thews (on improving perceived performance of ASP.NET): "One of my soapboxes over the years is the issue of perceived performance."

Don Browning points us to Brad Abrams article on designing good class libraries. "Think of it as a bulleted list version of the .NET Framework Class Guidelines."

OK, now this is something totally useless, but totally cool. ASCII movies! How does this guy do this? Man, I remember the guys who used to build intricate ASCII art back in the 80s on the bulletin boards I hung out on, but this is unbelieveable. Check it out, Matrix in ASCII.

"So, what will it take to get you to move your blog off of Radio UserLand?"

I've asked myself that question often. I look at other tools. Blogger. Moveable Type. None has been interesting enough to get me to move. Sometimes I wonder if I should move to a Microsoft-based product. My favorite is But, no, I'm not switching. Why? Radio has a built-in aggregator that I like a lot, and I'm just used to how Radio works. Plus, if I moved, I'd need to change URLs.

So far I still like Radio UserLand a lot. Hey, Jake, any new stuff coming soon?

Anyone use FM Radio? I've been meaning to test that. Life is so busy. Lenn at work says it's awesome.

So, what could get me to change? Something major. Something big. Will Klip be it? Doubtful. What would get YOU to change your blog tool?

While I was paying attention to the RSS vs. Echo noise, a friend said "both have already lost!"

"Whoa, whadda ya mean?" I asked.

He said that Klip Folio and its associated "KlipScript" syndication format was already kicking RSS' behind and was getting deployed faster and used by more people than RSS was (and, it's clearly already been implemented, unlike Echo). The friend, who asked me not to be named, works for a major news site (translation: millions of monthly users). They say they are getting 10 times the traffic from Klip than they are getting from RSS feeds. (I told him I don't doubt that, but that RSS feeds are probably bringing them more traffic than they can't track, due to weblogger's interest in subscribing to individual voices, who'll then link to cool stuff on major news sites).

So, why don't webloggers just switch to Klip?

Tools and personality. Klip feels like a commercial product. It has major lockin (the format only works with Klip).

But, it predicts some more trends.

1) That innovation in the future will happen in Smart Client apps.

2) That end users care about user interface more than just raw great content.

3) That if you make something easy to install, easy to discover, and more productive, you can change the rules.

It begs the next question I'll ask myself: when will I move off of Radio UserLand?

Dave Winer: "When Microsoft took over the browser market, they turned all Web developers into Microsoft developers. It was one of the most selfish acts ever in the software business."

Hey, Jeffrey Zeldman, did you hear that? You're a Microsoft developer now! Come on over to the dark side. At least you'll get free sodas.

Seriously, Dave, name a Web site that uses technology that only works on Microsoft's browser, and not on Netscape's. Or Mozilla's. Or Apple's.

But, welcome all Web developers to the world of Microsoft. Hey, how come you all aren't visiting ? And, when was the last time we saw an ActiveX control on a Web site?

Not to mention a marquee tag. Heh.

just testing

Chris Pirillo sent me this one (does he ALWAYS find the cool Windows utilities first?): FolderSizes. Hey, they have a weblog too (and the tool does just what you'd expect)!

I'm judging a "moblog contest" given by Text America. Check it out, and I do accept bribes. Only big ones, though.

Is "Creation Science Fair" an oxymoron? Sorry believers, stuff like this really disturbs me. American's knowledge of science and its principles is so ... lacking. Their Landover shutdown page is a hoot too. Thanks to Reenhead for the link.

Top 100 weblogs? Can't be. I'm on the list.

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