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Daily Permalink Friday, July 18, 2003

OK, I'm outta here. See ya Saturday night at Premier-Pizza at the new Rivermark location (it's open, the Web site is wrong). If anyone needs me, my cell phone is 408-314-8233. Be back on the blog Monday.

Dan Gillmor, of the San Jose Mercury News: RSS has moved a step forward.

John Porcaro is a Microsoft Marketing Manager. He's worked at Microsoft for a long time. Today he says he's noticed Microsoft has turned a corner. I think it's pretty clear. Help customers. Take the heat. Do the right thing. etc etc.

Tim Bray is trying to be anti-Microsoft, but ... Today he warns people against waiting for Longhorn and tells everyone to start a "switch to Mozilla" campaign. Tim, did you notice that a few days ago I said I am already using a really early version of Longhorn and that I'm already running Mozilla on it? No MSN wacky crud either! It works great!

So, I don't know about the "trunk" you're talking about. The Web works fine. You can switch! The future is bright. Now, at the PDC, we can have some interesting conversations about the future.

So, why run Longhorn? It makes Mozilla look and run a whole lot nicer than XP does. And, if Mozilla's developers add in some new Longhorn-specific stuff, they'll be able to make Mozilla freaking rock on Longhorn. (We'll talk about how at the PDC).

Remember Tim when I said we love developers? Now that Microsoft is focusing on being a freaking great platform vendor again, we'll be able to help third-party developers reach their dreams.

Jerry Mead warns me that if the Program Managers at PDC aren't easy to find, he's gonna come and find me. Heh. Oh, I guarantee you, I'll be easy to find! Just look for the geek walking around with the camera. :-)

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