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Daily Permalink Saturday, July 26, 2003

Sean Campbell and Scott Swigart: "If anyone on the Longhorn team is listening, do you think you could add one of these [funny dialog about moving files]?"

I'm listening, but can't give an answer yet. I could give you an answer, but then I'd have to shoot you. :-)

Beatalica: mix the Beatles with Metallica, and you get this.

Jian Shuo Wang: "My site is illegal."

Matt Williams gets wound up about the new FrontPage. I agree, it's awesome. One of my managers wants me to do a Web site for our team, and I dropped back into FrontPage. Combined with Sharepoint, it's freaky how much you can do. Just wish I had had these tools back during the dotcom boom times.

By the way, Dare, MSN Messenger 6.0 has the "appear offline" mode, which answers your third complaint about Messenger. I'm not sure if earlier versions of Messenger had that. MSN 6.0 is way way way better than previous versions. Is that enough "ways?"

Dare Obasanjo: "A fellow B0rg drone recently got was ticked off at me in private email because I had the nerve to link to Microsoft products in a recent post about software I can't stand."

Yes, I was that drone. I wasn't ticked, though. Just wanted him to treat other teams the same way he'd like to be treated. I know I hate to be attacked without having some things I can turn around and improve about myself. Microsoft is so frequently attacked, it just seemed wacky for an employee to attack without explanation too.

Last week Microsoft held a big conference for employees only. I missed out, but Ash Jhaveri gives a pretty good rendition of what the employees experienced.

eWeek: Eric Rudder announced that there will be a "server in the Longhorn timeframe" and "Indigo," among other things.

Oh, I vote for "pillars" as the most overused marketing term of 2003/2004. Here Jupiter Analyst David Card uses it to refer to AOL's strategy. Inside Microsoft we talk about "pillars" all the time. Hey, anyone want to hear my "pillars of weblogging?"

Evan Williams of Google chimes in on Internet Explorer's future ala Tim Bray.

Keith Ballinger dropped by my office the other day and was praising the Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 2.0 Technology Preview. So, here I am passing it along.

Speaking of gratuitous Flash stuff, check out Eyetoy.

Microsoft Watch's Mary Jo Foley: "MSN 9.0 to include built-in Outlook Synchronization."

Do you think your eyes are perfect? If so, look at these visual illusions. So, how can you believe ANYTHING your eyes tell you?

Oh, here's something just to bug you. Why do Flash-centric designers have so much time to spend doing these things? I guess for the same reason I'm sitting here weblogging after midnight.

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