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Daily link Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Jakob Nielsen: Ten steps for cleaning up information pollution. I'm trying to move to Jakob's ideas so that I can get some big projects done. I've found that I can't get bigger projects done when I'm answering emails, IMs, and checking every weblog under the sun.

Good ideas for companies to follow to make their systems better too.

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Getting snowed in today was fun otherwise. So, what happened to my laptop? I got spyware. Really awful kind too. One named SAHAGENT. Well, it started messing up my system. And the harder I tried to delete it, the harder is screwed my system. How did I get it? I let my son and his cousins play with my system.

Anyway, I started copying files off and thought I had Radio UserLand copied properly. But I didn't. Grr. No backups and I got screwed.

Jake is getting my files from the server tomorrow. Embarrassing. But I'm moving my blog to a new computer with a CDRW so I can make regular backups from there.

Some other things I learned. If AdAware freezes while scanning you know you're in trouble. In the meantime, I've found some good tools to battle spyware:



Spyware Blaster

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If you want to visit my blog in the meantime, click here.

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Yeah, I'm having troubles with my blog. Been a bad day for my blog machine. I should be back up tomorrow.

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