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Daily link Friday, January 09, 2004

My friend Maus sent this to me via IM. This fun-to-read weblog is from a guy, Jamie, who is interviewing for a job as "Master Builder" at Lego. Damn, that sounds way harder than a Microsoft interview!

Darn, I see Slashdot got this one already. I hate it when Slashdot gets links before I do.

Here's another one from Slashdot:

OSNews did an article comparing the speed of nine programming languages. But Phil Scott then rips into the VB vs. C# code and shows the comparison isn't fair. Oh, Slashdot didn't link to that! Heh.

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I love my readers. They bring me the coolest stuff. Last night I linked to Amber the DJ. This morning I see that Peter has pointed me to a totally cool DJ'ing application named Jackson. Yeah, Apple has Garage Band, but tell me this isn't every bit as cool? (Not to mention there are plenty of Windows-based music development and video editing apps out there too.)

Thanks Peter. I'm off to work.

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One last post before I head off to bed. Tantek introduced Maryam and I to his wonderful girlfriend Amber a few weeks ago. She's a DJ and plays music in some of San Francisco's most popular clubs. I forgot about her, until I read Tantek's weblog tonight, and I'm rocking out to Amber's music while I clean the house. Her home page is a media player. Try it out. What kind of music does she play? Techno of course! What else would a geek need?

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