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Daily link Friday, January 30, 2004

OK, I'm outta here. See ya in a week!

8:09:13 AM    comment 

Chris Pratley, a OneNote PM, writes about how OneNote got started.

I was over in the hallway where Chris works recently. Covering every surface of the hallway is thousands of notes that people stapled to the walls. Someday I should take pictures of the various hallways around the campus.

8:08:49 AM    comment 

The "live" .NET Rocks, set for today, should be a good one.

8:06:37 AM    comment 

Eddie Traversa (who keeps the awesome DHTML Nirvana site and is one of the world's experts on Web stuff, including Dreamweaver): "it's important to remember that, even if IE 6 was a 100% standards complaint, it wouldn't alleviate all the problems developers and designers face."

8:04:56 AM    comment 

I'm going to take a blog vacation.

I've been thinking a bit about this for the past day.

John Moore, in my comments, actually suggested this, and I think it's time to get away from the blog for a little while for a variety of reasons.

1) I really haven't spent much time with my wife for the past six weeks cause she's been down in Silicon Valley taking care of her mom (who is doing much better, thanks!). Maryam gets back tonight, so I need to spend some time on my relationship with her.

2) I've been ignorning my team at work and spending too much time on blog stuff.

3) I've let the blog take over my entire life and I've also been sticking up for Microsoft too much. In that process, I've lost some part of my personal voice, and I'm gonna get that back.

4) I need to get ready for Demo and some other things.

5) I can't keep up this pace long term, so need to think through what I'm doing. That requires stepping off of the treadmill for a while.

6) I need to play with technology and make sure I keep my skills up. It's hard to do that when I'm writing and thinking about the blog in nearly every moment of the waking day.

7) I'm addicted to the blog and it's started hurting my work relationships, my personal relationships, and skewed my judgment. Translation: I'm a blog addict and need to work on the rest of my life for a little while.

How long will I be gone? I'll try for a week. That'll be hard enough for me to do. Maybe more. I'm still going to watch.

What do you do in the meantime? Oh, there's lots of excellent Microsoft blogs. Chris Sells is my favorite Microsoft blogger lately. MSDN Blogs is good to watch (I see that the guy who headed the OneNote team just started blogging).

You can also see a bunch of great RSS Feeds over here. By the way, if you haven't uploaded your own feeds to the feeds site, why don't you do that?

Anyway, keep in touch.

8:03:00 AM    comment 

There's a Mars Rover blog. Cute, nice way to keep up to date on photos from the rovers.

7:48:18 AM    comment 
7:47:26 AM    comment 

Blogarama is a blog directory. Oh, yeah, all I need is more blogs to read. :-)

7:44:33 AM    comment U.K. bank sees browserless future.

The smart client--in this case, an operating system that incorporates browser functions--is likely to involve Longhorn, Microsoft's next version of the Windows operating system, said Llube, who provided a demonstration for the audience at the conference.

Update: Ken Brubaker writes a blog post titled "Slippery Smart Client Slope" where he points to the PowerPoint from the session, among other things.

7:43:24 AM    comment 

Of course, just in case you can't ignore Longhorn, Adam Kinney is setting up Longhorn Meetups.

7:39:58 AM    comment 

Chris Sells: When in doubt, ignore Longhorn.

Chris is the guy who runs MSDN's Longhorn dev center, so that's doubly provocative advice.

7:38:57 AM    comment 

Has your job been outsourced? A journalist I know is looking for people who have been laid off due to that trend.

7:36:45 AM    comment 

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