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Daily link Sunday, February 08, 2004

My wife forced me to change the banner's logo color above. She hated it. So now we're on white. :-)

No, I don't wear the pants in my family either. Heh.

12:05:33 PM    comment 

Dana Epp makes a compelling argument that Microsoft should break backward compatibility in Longhorn.

11:36:06 AM    comment 

Wow, my second Slashdotting!

Maryam let me post that since it's such a big honor.

Dave Winer is talking a bit about his trip to Seattle this week. See ya at the .NET Developer's Association meeting tomorrow night!

Update: Tosh Meston reminded me that this was actually my second time on Slashdot's home page. Oh yeah, forgot about the first time.

11:30:25 AM    comment 

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