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Daily link Thursday, February 19, 2004

A friend has been showing me some video of QRIO, Sony's robot ambassadors (they aren't on sale yet, and may never be -- they would cost more than $40,000 if sold) and they are freaking the coolest thing I've ever seen. I bet Microsoft would buy one for our conference center to greet visitors. Anyone with some contacts at Sony? I imagine that a tour of Microsoft by a QRIO robot would be a big event.

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Tom Murphy writes a weblog about the PR industry and today he wrote: "Blogging is an opportunity for Public Relations, not a threat." It's great to see that some PR folks get it. Read the rest of his lengthy rant about what the PR industry should do here.

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Fabrice Marguerie introduces SOA (service oriented architecture), in French. You can either use a translation service, or you can wait for him to translate it to English.

Fabrice is the guy who keeps the cool SharpToolbox, which contains hundreds of tools for .NET developers.

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Jason Alexander built a Mozilla plugin so he could look up Microsoft stuff using Google and Mozilla.

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Phillip Torrone, our geek role model, has now programmed his Aibo robots to weblog for him. I'm not worried -- yet. :-) I wonder, in 100 years will robots do everything? If so, what will we do?

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Microsoft is sponsoring the ImagineCup contest for coders and cinematographers.

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Jason Shellen, who works at Google, went out to dinner with me at O'Reilly's ETCon and he posted a picture of my SPOT watch to his blog, which had an IM from Lora Heiny of

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