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Daily link Thursday, September 02, 2004

Oh, heck, Maryam gave me 15 more minutes to blog. So, here goes:

Alex Barnett analyzes claims that RSS is not ubiquitous.

Oh, MSN's new music service has RSS feeds!

Linda Epstein takes a first look at the new Sahara Tablet PC.

A coworker did some research on camcorder information sites and told me that is his favorite site.

James Snape says that the "GeekMan" action figure looks a bit like me. That's scary.

Andy Beal is hosting the Search Engine Marketing Conference. Andy writes the Search Engine Lowdown blog.

Randy Charles Morin put up a screen shot of what MyMSN looks like with my RSS feed.

PCWorld rates portable music players like the Rio and iPod.

CNET says about the Rio Carbon "The Carbon's innovative and stylish design, intuitive interface, and extra gigabyte of memory give it a competitive edge over the iPod Mini"

And with that, we're outta here...

8:32:04 PM    comment 

A few quick links:

Digitial Animators' Web site has a new review of the Tablet PC: "Tablets start to really shine when using dedicated graphics apps."

Thomas Hawk wrote the first blog review that I've seen on the new Windows Media Player that was released today.

Engadget asks "is it time to buy a Tablet PC?"

Buzz Bruggeman is stuck in hurricane territory again. And he's blogging it.

Rob Fahrni caught Bill Gates making a funny joke aimed at Steve Jobs.

With that, I'm outta here and off to the airport. I uploaded about 100 items to my linkblog. Have a great weekend. I'll be back on Wednesday evening!

8:13:47 PM    comment 

I was just listening to George Bush on the radio -- his speech is still going on. That was the best speech I've ever heard him give. It's interesting listening to a speech on the radio instead of on TV. You get to listen to what he actually is saying. His speech patterns have improved a lot. He didn't make a single mistake during my 30-minute drive home.

What do you think? It sure looks like Kerry is sinking (and I'm a Kerry supporter). It'll be interesting to see the polls, but I bet that Bush gets a large bump out of tonight's speech.

Anyway, Maryam and I are off to Montreal (well, through Boston) tonight.

Let's do a geek dinner. 7 p.m. on Saturday at Arahova Souvlaki in Montreal.

7:59:14 PM    comment 

Wow, MSN just added my RSS feed to "My MSN." You can see it by visiting and clicking "Add content." (I'm in the "All Content" tab under "Tech.")

Is this a precursor to more RSS aggregation capabilities? Hmmm. In any case, looks nice!

3:49:17 AM    comment 

Redesign and vacation update. I have a bunch of new redesigns to try out. But, I'm about to leave on vacation until next Wednesday. So, let's wait on those until then.

Regarding vacation: I'm gonna be flying to Boston later today with Maryam. Then we're driving up to Montreal with friends. Anyone wanna do a geek dinner in Montreal on Saturday night?

3:35:54 AM    comment 

For those who want to track the hurricane, there's an RSS feed.

3:07:33 AM    comment 

Poynter Institute's Cheryl Carpenter recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. What caught my eye about this is the illustration on this site about her climb. It was done by Larry Larson in Art Rage on a Tablet PC. Nice use of Macromedia's Flash audio format. Oh, the whole site is done in Flash. Interesting!

Larry has tons of other Art Rage art on his ArtRage site.

2:58:50 AM    comment 

Daniel Benel was at the Aureole restaurant in Las Vegas and he tells his experience with ordering wine there on a Tablet PC!

Oh, I don't dare point out that it'd be hard to carry an iMac over to your Table. No, no, I won't do that. Heh!

2:45:17 AM    comment 

"We're years ahead," Apple's Corporate VP of Marketing Phil Schiller said today.

Hmmm. In 1984 Apple was 16 years ahead (seriously, they were) and what did that get them then?

But, I should stop poking the Mac world. You can run lots of great Microsoft software on your Mac. When I was in the Apple store on Saturday I saw that even Halo is available for the Mac.

Of course, John Dvorak taught me well that if you want to get some, um, stimulating conversation going all you need to do is say that something Microsoft makes is better than something Apple makes. My comments have been burning cause I dared to try pointing out that a Tablet PC is more useful in a home than an iMac. Lots of fun, although I did actually learn something from a couple of posts who tried to have a real conversation.

Todd Bishop noticed that there is at least one Microsoft employee who's cheering on the new iMac.

I don't get it, though. Even if you hate Microsoft, why would you buy a computer that ties you down to one place? I have a desktop at work (and an old one at home). If you held a gun to my head and said "choose" I'd hand you the desktop computers everytime. Portability is just so much more useful. But, now I'm sure I'll hear from all the video game freaks who remind me that you need the latest ATI video card. Geesh, just get an Xbox. Heh.

In fact, if I had a new Apple iBook, I'd take it to the new Seattle Library to show it off and to try the WiFi there. Try doing that with your new iMac.

2:36:57 AM    comment 

I'm currently uploading about 260 items to my linkblog. Whew. Lots of great stuff tonight. Here's a sample:

Phillip Torrone writes up the new Portable Media Center for Engadget. Great review.

Robert McLaws raves about the new MSN Music Store. The verdict: WAY better than iTunes.

Don Kiely's headline says "it's not just Microsoft: Oracle vulnerabilities."

Adam Barr, the guy who wrote the Microsoft expose "Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters" came back to work for Microsoft again and now is blogging too.

CERT urges installation of Windows XP Service Pack 2. I wonder if all of those who used previous CERT alerts to get people to switch off of Internet Explorer will now also call for everyone to install XPSP2? I bet they won't.

Over on my linkblog I put up a smattering of political things from the Republican National Convention. I'm just so bored with politics. Hopefully the debates will be interesting.

2:17:07 AM    comment 

The Longhorn news keeps flowing through the blogosphere. Chris Anderson, architect on the Avalon team, answers Miguel deIcaza in an interesting post. Chris has a couple of other good ones too: WinFX, better on Longhorn?; Why go downlevel at all? and Tainting Avalon.

Joe Beda, also of the Avalon team, scribed a post on Avalon's changes.

Also, I don't buy into Dave Winer's assertion that bloggers take the weekend off. When I fired up my aggregator at 11 p.m. on Sunday night there were more than 100 comments regarding the blogger news. Since then the number of posts have probably gone up by another 100. I've been posting all of the ones that say anything beyond "check out the Longhorn news" on my link blog.

Dave also said that the news was broken on Friday evening in an attempt to "take out the garbage." That's not true. Mary Jo Foley broke it at 9 a.m. on Friday morning. The official press release was posted before noon on Friday.

1:32:46 AM    comment 

Robin Good refactors my Corporate Weblogger Manifesto. I don't agree with all of his points, so give a counterpoint to his counterpoint at the end in his comments.

1:24:56 AM    comment 

Dang, Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of ActiveWords, is gearing up for yet another hurricane. Oh, he's getting out of town. I can't blame him.

1:22:34 AM    comment 

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