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Daily link Monday, October 04, 2004

You've probably heard the quotes about what Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said about Apple's iPods over the weekend (here's a report in the Guardian)

The irony is I know many Microsoft employees who own iPods. What does this mean? Let's go around the blogosphere:

Ars Technica: "Ballmer would have his audience believe that the only secure solution is going to be one that is integrated into the world's most popular platform, namely Windows."

Chris Lanier (a Microsoft MVP): "Ballmer Calling Me a Music Thief?"

Cory Doctorow: "Steve Ballmer believes that Apple shouldn't ship a music player like the iPod that can play non-DRM music."

Erik J. Barzeski: "To Ballmer: you're a friggin' idiot. Sit down and shaddup."

Tim Jarrett: "Steve, where I come from, we call a statement like that condescending, inflammatory, and probably libelous—in short, fighting words."

Om Malik: "Often Microserfs complain why do they hate us? I don't know, maybe because your dumb fat chief executive makes statements like most IPOD users are thieves."

The Mobile Technology Weblog: "...I can't see any real evidence that they get this yet."

Shannon J Hager: "This is so bad that I can't say what I think about it without breaking my unwritten rules of conduct for this site."

Richard Tallent: "Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer is embarassing himself by claiming that most iPod users are listening to "stolen" music. Allow me to rant a bit about this statement."

TechDirt: "Steve Ballmer Channels The RIAA."

Thomas Hawk: "I'm sure that people don't play illegally downloaded music on Windows Media Player though... right Steve?"

If I were Steve, I'd download iPodder and learn that there are tons of legitimate uses for MP3-playing devices. Thomas Hawk said it best.

Then I'd go on Adam Curry's Internet "Daily Sourcecode" radio show and say I'm sorry. Then I'd give Adam Curry a Tablet PC and a Dell Digital Jukebox.

By the way, it is worthy to go back and look at the context of Steve's quotes. More on the linkblog later tonight.

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Adam Curry's daily source code for today -- his MP3 "podcast" is great. When he said "never underestimate the bandwidth of Robert Scoble's ass" tonight I nearly crashed my car.

Update, tonight Dave Winer came over and wanted to make sure that I didn't take offense. No offense at all! I thought it was hillarious. Adam is bootstrapping something really interesting here. Every show lately is getting better than the last. The community is helping him out, too!

6:17:09 PM    comment 

One post before I dive into bed. Oh, oh, I'm already in trouble on MSN Search Champs that I influenced. Liz Lawley says we didn't get enough women into the group. Guilty as charged. Although I did invite other women who couldn't come. Honestly, I didn't consider gender when I made my list of potential attendees to send to MSN. I just wanted an interesting group of people to meet with.

I'm sorry Liz for not having a diverse group gender wise. Looking through my 922 feeds, I see the same problem. Too many men, not enough women. So, this is a bug I want to fix. Any women doing interesting tech blogging that I haven't subscribed to?

3:34:51 AM    comment 

What a great weekend. Just got back and am beat. Took a late flight home to get some free tickets (they were looking for volunteers). So, took the opportunity to read Wil Wheaton's book, listen to Adam Curry and Dave Winer do another one of their audio shows, and read lots of feeds. Just posted about 250 items to my linkblog. Includes many Gnomedex items.

I'll post more soon here, but wanted to drop in and say hi before going to bed.

There's a geek dinner tomorrow night. 6:30 p.m. at the Crossroads in Bellevue.

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