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Daily link Thursday, October 14, 2004

Chad Royal is collecting pictures of Visual Studio customers. I put him and his growing collection up on Channel 9. I bet he gets a few more cards now.

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Marc Canter likes arguing with me. Hey, Marc, I just invited you to join Wallop. Yeah, I just got invited myself. I wonder who else I'll invite in. I got 950 people to choose from.

If you don't have a blog, don't even bother asking me.

Regarding Podcasting. Marc, it already works on a PC. Or didn't ya see the memo?

Oh, and Media Center is already opened up. Why do you think I want it? I can move my videos around. I can, even, gasp, send my videos over to a Macintosh and watch them there. Shhh, don't tell anyone. By the way, I like arguing with Marc, too. Hey, Marc, we should do a podcast together. We can't let Dave and Adam have all the fun!

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Yes, I've been slacking on my design contest. Will get back to the remaining entries next week and I'll decide on the winner by the end of the week. For my new readers who weren't around about a month ago, this design was done by Albert Hardy. I like it a lot, and it'll be hard to beat.

10:21:54 PM    comment 

Jay Kimble says that I'm not so bad a Tablet PC evangelist (he bought one and is writing about his experiences).

10:04:17 PM    comment 

Apple's opening a bunch of stores this weekend.

Anyone want to meet up at the Oakridge store opening in San Jose? I'll be down in Silicon Valley.

I'll try to drag my brother-in-law who works at Apple to it.

10:00:14 PM    comment 

I need to ask Bill Gates for a toy budget. Why? Cause there's so much cool stuff coming out on Engadget and my credit cards just can't keep up with my eyes.


Well, just in the past day or so they've shown off the new Audiovox SmartPhone that is getting a bunch of us Microsofties all wound up (at least it is on the "phones" alias internally here). I want one in the worst way.

Dell's new slimmer 20GB digital jukebox. Hey, do you think Steve Ballmer would think I'm stealing music if I bought one of these? Just kidding Steve, I know you were joking around. It plays MP3s and WMAs. Heck, I could even listen to Adam Curry's shows. (Of course, I'd need two of them, cause Maryam likes listening to Adam too). "Jukecasting" doesn't sound as cool as "Podcasting" though. Speaking of which, Jeff Sandquist broke his iPod and explains why he won't buy another one (he likes DRM, someone call Cory Doctorow to perform an exorcism!). He also attempts to define the difference between iPodder and Podcasting.

Back to Engadget. They have a great review on the new OQO hardware.

I wish they'd review the latest Media Centers. I am gonna buy one next weekend, or, maybe, build my own.

So, do you think I have any chance of getting Bill to give me a toy budget? I doubt it too, but you never know. Maybe I should open a Paypal account. ;-)

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Hmmm, over in building 18 I think we're trying to build a "blogger's row." Let's see, there's me, then David Weller. And next to him is a new import, Tim Sneath. Tim's is an expert on future versions of Windows technologies (er, Longhorn). David's an expert on nearly everything including Linux, Java, OS/2, and DirectX.

I wonder if we can get the rest of the row to blog? In the meantime, welcome Tim!

9:28:58 PM    comment 

Heh, funny, around work some people have asked me "are you going to turn into Microsoft's Zawodny?" Now I understand why.

Congrats Jeremy on the new job. Speaking of search engines and stuff, Google today came out with a desktop search engine.

I'll link to anyone who has something to say pro or con on my link blog.

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