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Daily link Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Speaking of Adam Curry, I was just listening to his podcast (he calls it the "Daily Source Code") today. Wow, heavy, Adam, my thoughts are with you and your family. Hope your mom comes through it well.

You know, almost three years ago Mr. Murphy visited me (in the form of a car wreck) and reminded me that life is temporary too.

It was that single event that set in motion a whole series of events that brought me to where I am today.

Thanks for sharing your life Adam. I'm signing off and going to hug my wife.

11:40:41 PM    comment 

Yeah, Adam Curry, Phillip Torrone, and Dare Obasanjo, I did give you guys a plug in the video I shot of J.P.'s car. Yes, he deserves two links in one night. You should have seen the geeks drooling last week when he brought his car to one of the geek dinners.

Speaking of Dare, he wrote about the differences between Google's Desktop Search and Microsoft's WinFS (that'll come after Longhorn ships).

11:02:13 PM    comment 

You know, there are few things that are cooler than having Hugh Macleod say that you wrote something interesting.

If you can't handle seeing George Carlin's famous "dirty words" in print, don't visit, but everyone else will find some fantastic thinking (and some cool comics too). Yeah, it probably would break all sorts of HR rules to post one of his cartoons in your cubicle or office.

Thanks Hugh for making my day, and for detailing your perceptions of the Kryptonite story.

Has Kryptonite gotten a clue? No. If they had, they would have been here in about an hour after I posted. Here's a hint: Pubsub and Feedster are working pretty damn well lately.

10:44:25 PM    comment 

Matthew Cosier asks "podcasting, waste of time?"

That's in reaction to a post by Scott Hanselman.

Hey, 90% of anything is pablum. I notice that Rush Limbaugh has millions of listeners. And people often accuse him of verbal incontinence.

Anyway, what's awesome about podcasting? I can listen to guys like Scott and Matthew in my car. Oh, wait, they don't have podcasts.

Well, anyway, the podcast world is in its infancy. Yeah, Adam Curry's show is cool. Yeah, I listen to .NET Rocks. Yeah, I listen to Dave Slusher. Yeah, I listen to IT Conversations. Yeah, I poke through the list at and listen to a few shows (I'm listening to Engadget's podcast right now and next up I'll listen to the Linux Link Tech Show).

Yeah, often they are boring, but I can listen while working or walking or driving my car.

One difference between Rush Limbaugh and podcasting, though. I can fast forward through podcasts. I can delete them. I can unsubscribe. I can, gasp, rewind and listen again if there's something good.

Now that my SmartPhone has a gig of space, more podcast listening ahead. Who wants to be on my SmartPhone? Make sure knows about your podcast.

Oh, and if Scott thinks he's heard verbal incontinence, wait until he hears my podcast!

10:06:59 PM    comment 

Oh, will Dylan Greene be fondling his Audiovox soon too?

9:57:13 PM    comment 

Ahh, I'm not the only one fondling an Audiovox phone. Cheryl Wester writes "Iím in loveówith a phone. I have never seen a phone that is as cool as this one is."

9:53:37 PM    comment 

Do you remember when you got your first iPod? Did you fondle it? Come on, be honest, you did, didn't you? It's sensual.

I've held one, several times. I couldn't put it down.

I visited the Apple stores and felt like I was cheating. It talks to me. Oh, wait, that's just a podcast.

I'm digressing. My Audiovox phone just arrived. I have the same emotion. It's seductive. It talks to me. And, it plays videos. MP3s. Photos.

Audiovox, you got me. This phone simply rocks. I can't wait to show it off at the next Geek Dinner.

Now I understand why these things are getting raves on the phones alias at Microsoft (and why you can't find one in any local store since they are all sold out, although AT&T shipped me mine on Monday and it arrived today). Sorry Verizon, you're so outta here!

Oh, latest is that you can get 512MB miniSD cards for the phone and they work (1GB cards coming soon). Awesome!

What I don't get is one guy said he didn't like this phone. I just don't get that. This thing is awesome and I figured it out in minutes. The phone world is sure changing.

9:48:48 PM    comment 

Congrats Red Sox! That was an incredible series.

Enough about baseball, tonight you can meet J.P. Stewart. He's done some incredible things to his car. Out of all the interviews I've done, this is the first one that made me feel like I was back in the Homebrew Computer Society in 1975 watching Woz and friends start a new industry -- all for fun.

Thanks J.P. for inspiring me!

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