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Daily link Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Michael O'Connor Clarke, on Corante's "Flackster blog": Itís all about trust.

"If youíre tempted to force your corporate bloggers to filter their posts through some sterile PR decontamination filters, just donít, OK?


Your customers will love you for it.

What a nice piece. I'm going to post it on my wall.

11:39:48 PM    comment 

Sean Gallagher, on Ziff Davis' blogs: Invasion of the Podcasters.

"When I heard the local public radio's morning shift happy-talking about podcasting, I knew things had gone too far. Someone has to stop the madness."

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Christopher Baus: "In my opinion Scoble's blog is borderline unreadable. It lacks focus."

Hmmm, how would anyone find Christopher's great post this morning? Turns out that blogs need both connectors and commentators.

Imagine the web, for instance, without a search engine.

And, do you think you'd find all the good stuff without connectors? Absolutely wrong. Very few people are crazy enough to read 2200 blogs (which is a very small portion of the blogosphere).

But, if you don't think I'm taking you to enough cool blogs, or writing enough cool stuff, there's a very easy solution. Unsubscribe.

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